5 Baby Product Essentials – Tested and True

We’re proud parents of two young beautiful baby girls (actually one is a toddler), so we’ve had a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding the most useful products out there.  Sure we’ve tried smart thermometers and even Bluetooth baby monitors.

Unsolicited Tip #1:  Don’t get a WiFi monitor, get an electrical one, since you won’t have to depend on the internet to keep the connection!!

Here is our list of the best baby products we’ve found to work!

1:  Ikea High Chair

It’s affordable, simple, and cheap.  Cheap here doesn’t mean it won’t last!  Your kids will make a shit load of messes anyways, so you mine as well invest a few dollars for something reliable like this high chair.  Don’t overspend and go all 4moms here!

Ikea High Chair

2: Food Catcher Bib (Any Brand)

We found that when babies start to eat solid food, they’ll make a mess.  A BIG MESS.  I mean food in places you’ve never thought of.  With a food catching bib, at least you can tuck that food right out of the bib and plop it right back on the suction plate (not mentioned here, but also recommended).

food Catching Bib

3:  Night Time Sleep Sack

For us at least, we’ve tried swaddling and it was a hassle after a while.  Sure, if you are Nordic and keep your kids in freezing swaddles in the cold like they do (we think) and think it’s easy go ahead.  Sleep sacks are easy, they zip right up and cover the whole baby’s body.  We’ve actually found the Zippadee Zip to be the best and our babies (both) have slept through the night once they were able to wear the popular sleep sack!

Baby Sleep Sack

4:  The Wubbanub (or Wubby for short)

Babies cry.  They cry a lot.  No, they cry forever!  But every once in a while a pacifier will help, or help dramatically if they like them.  Wubbanubs are cute pacifiers with animals attached to them to help soothe babies and add a furry friend along the way.  (no they aren’t real animals!)

The Wubby Wubbanub

5:  The Baby Bum Brush

People laughed at us when we said this was the best thing invented since sliced bread.  (if you like bread that is)  It’s just a silicone brush that makes it soft to wipe your kid’s ass with butt paste.  Sure laugh, but you’ll thank us later!

The Baby Bum Brush

There you have it!  Now head over to Target or Walmart or Amazon and get going!


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