About us

The MoneyHax Mission
To provide money saving tips and earning opportunities that are real, quick to read, and relatable.

After years of working with other personal finance blogs and influencers, founder Todd Weitzman sought a vision to create a business that will enhance others lives through financial and unique opportunities.  With a vast knowledge of excellent brands and financial institutions,  he sought to bring these to the general public.

Todd’s Journey

October 1985 – Todd Weitzman was born outside of Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love

June 2001 – He landed his the first job as a camp counselor for the summer, for a whopping total of $100, taxed

August 2008 – Finished college with no job in hand, and left to live with parents in Sunny South Florida

July 2010 – Decided to move to Chicago on a whim to learn city life, jobless but with a little cash he pursued work as a pawnbroker, account manager, eBay reseller, and more

September 2012 – Moved back in with parents after running out of money, they lived (still live) in a 55-Year-Old and up community

May 2013 – After years of searching for a career, he landed a position at a company that showed him the way

November 2013 – Went on a date with soon-to-be wife Sandra (two girls were born soon a few years after)

January 2017 – Seeking to break free from the uncertain circle of 9 to 5 (now the standard is 9 to 6), the origin of MoneyHax.com began

Founder Todd Weitzman
The MoneyHax Guy, Todd Weitzman

I want to thank you for coming to MoneyHax, a place where you can find the web’s most unique money making and saving products around.  I started the website with a mission to help those achieve more freedom in their lives, whether it adds more time, leisure, or money.  Our articles are based solely on that!  In my career as an Affiliate Marketer, it allowed me to connect with brands and services that enriched my life.  I’d be glad to help you on your journey if you are up for it!  Feel free to email me directly at Todd@MoneyHax.com for Affiliate Marketing Help, Blog Coaching, or any other Business Inquiry. ~Todd Weitzman

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