About The Cashback Dad

Hello and welcome to The Cashback Dad.  I started this site because I know what it’s like to work 9-5p, and not have the time to work on your dreams…and it’s even harder when you have 3 kids!  But wait!  No matter your situation, even if you are broke or super rich, there’s a new way to earn outside of the cubicle, office, or wherever.

Getting this site started took getting up at 3 am, working jobs I didn’t like, and perhaps losing valuable time with my family.  But, I wanted to leverage my knowledge throughout my career and bring you these unique ways to earn so that you can benefit from them.

A bit about my journey to get here…

  • I’ve been broke, but have worked hard to pay off debt, and then our house needed a full gut job (Yay! Back in debt!)
  • I’m a Geek that loves finding the latest technology trends
  • I have a beautiful Cuban wife who is an Operating Room Nurse
  • I cook most of the time for my family, and the go-to meal is: Taco Tuesday
  • We have three beautiful girls named Penelope, Margot, and Isabella (6, 4, and baby)
Your fellow founder

Interesting that a guy who knows about Cashback…

After graduating in the tumultuous economy in 2008 (a long time ago now…), the job economy threw me into the wild without any real preparation.  I landed jobs as a pawnbroker, barista, medical biller, account manager, and other ways of finding myself.  Nothing truly stuck with me until I worked in the Affiliate Marketing industry.  After years of working in the cashback Affiliate realm I wanted to build a repertoire in the channel, and found myself one of a very select few who knew about how the channel works itself!  Given my past life, scrambling like a madman searching for a career long opportunity, it made sense to apply to companies in the cashback channel, only to be denied time and time again.  Funny, that a guy who can literally START his own successful cashback site by himself was not considered for work in the channel of his expertise.  Let’s take a look at those who passed up the opportunity to work together:

Takin Care of Business?
When “Pigs” fly I guess
Not “giving” out unique rejection letters

And in case you might be wondering, yes, there were others.  In fact, there was one that almost hired me twice.  You also may be wondering, as previous hiring manager in the past, “Is his resume formatted well?”  The answer is I had multiple opinions on the resume and optimized it to apply for these types of positions.  I found out the hard way that hiring younger, less experienced (but capable) applicants get more opportunity because they cost less and will show the hiring manager that they can learn skills within their team longer.

At my various jobs I did work at (large and small corporations), I also observed the demographics and landscape of the people there.  It’s usually those 23-28 and sometimes 40-50.  It was always odd to me that there were rarely people within their mid 30’s in jobs I worked in.  It could just be happenstance that the dozen or so jobs I had never had this age group, but I really felt like parenting at this age and the demands of work drove this age group to either seek much higher positions, start their own businesses (howdy), do a job for less that they really love, or focus on being parents.

Goals for this site

My personal goal this amazing site is to provide enough income that it can not only support our family, but go beyond that and support various investments, and more traveling.  We’re not there yet, but I remain optimistic.  Ultimately, my knowledge of cashback combined with a unique business model that could bring in a nice income will help boost my motivation and drive as well.

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do. – Kobe Bryant

My Background

Isn’t this obvious?  I know a freakin’ ton about cashback.  I worked in the credit card space getting to know each major carrier’s perks.  I worked at a cashback website where I helped develop new partnerships.  I am essentially the Cashback guy.  It’s a pretty cool way to save an not many people use it.

Dad Joke of the Year:

A father and his kids decided to go to the zoo one day.  All they had at the time was a dog.

It was a Shitzu