Airbnb for Boats and Yachts – Find a Boat and Sail Away

Boats, Yachts, or anything that floats is the premier luxury vehicle.  Not only is it costly to operate a vessel even as small as several feet, but it’s hard to manage it and clean it as well.  Luckily, you don’t need to own a boat or yacht anymore to enjoy the pleasures of them…or if you are a millionaire, you can still purchase one and rent it out to others.  Either way, time to hit the ocean or lake and have some fun!

The Airbnb for Boats

Boatsetter is among the latest of the apps that take advantage of the sharing and gig economy, where you can rent out your boat or yacht, including a captain and earn significant money.  We’ll talk a little bit more about how to sign up your boat if interested a tad later on.  For now though, if you are interested in renting a yacht out for a party or a small cruise, you can easily do so through the Boatsetter app.

 How to Rent or Charter a Boat

Once you’ve landed on the main page of Boatsetter, you’ll need to enter a location that best fits you, whether it’s close by or a destination you prefer to rent out a yacht or boat from! You’ll also need to enter in the following options:

  • Location
  • Include a Captain (are you certified, if so, you can act as a Captain!)
  • Party Size
  • Date on which to depart

Include Captain Boatsetter

Be sure to book a captain when you hit the seas because your trips will be much smoother if you do include one!  Of course, the cost will go up when you add a Captain, but you won’t have to worry much about docking, or navigation issues.

You can also book the type of boat you’d like whether that be a power induced yacht or a sailboat for those looking for a traditional voyage.

Starting to Book a Boat

Once you’ve found the ideal voyage, you’ll be introduced to the trip cost, with or without a captain, along with the included benefits along with the trip.  Stuff like:

  • Included Passenger Size
  • TV or DVD inside the boat
  • Refrigeration
  • Tons of Photos
  • GPS
  • Air Conditioning
  • and more!

When you submit via the Request to Book (Button), you’ll see the price, but unless you’ve checked off the “Instant Book” option, your trip isn’t confirmed until the vessel owner completes their side of things.  They’ll look to see if their availability has changed, or if the trip fits within their schedule.  Just because the availability may show on the calendar, doesn’t necessarily mean things can’t change over time.  So to be sure, check out multiple options that fit your budget and trip preferences!

Another tip is to check out user ratings/reviews so that you book with an established Boatsetter!

boatsetter ratings


Own a Boat or Yacht?  Rent it out!

Listing your boat on Boatsetter is super easy…and maybe a bit fun as well.  Like the other sharing economy principles, quality photos and reviews help get more attention to your listing, and because Boatsetter is still new, it’s time to list your boat today! 

You’ll also need this information:

  • Boat Make
  • Boat Model
  • Boat Manufactured Date
  • Power or Sail
  • Boatsetter will also verify Captain Status

list boat on boatsetter

You can easily make a ton of cash with your boat or yacht if you happen to have one (Look at you Mister/Misses Lucky).  For example, the average trip rental is $500 for a half a day, and while Boatsetter will likely take a finder’s fee, that’s a good amount of cash for a half day’s work!

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