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Orlando Airbnb

If you have a room, house, or space available to list, especially in the Orlando (Florida) Region, Airbnb has a great answer to make additional cash.  Leverage the tourism in your area in your favor!

Airbnb Orlando Area

In the popular Doctor Phillips, just outside of the Disney World area posted above, you could rent out your home 3 days a week and earn close to $1200 a month!  This is enough for rent in many places!  Of course finding your own place to stay may be a bit of a hassle, however, homes in the Orlando area are below market value today and are affordable!

People often seek home rentals in vacation spots because a home brings more comfort and cleanliness.  Think about it, a Hotel will churn out visitors every day, so that bed a person has utilized, has been slept on hundreds if not thousands of times!  With a home rental, a visitor will feel more at home!  Plus, with family reunions being popular in the Orlando Region.  Airbnb is a great option to have.  Though there are competitors in the home listings space, Airbnb has the growth and the reach of your home listing.

Worried about the whole logistics of the home sharing concept?  Airbnb has this covered also with their newly introduce co-host option.  For more information on what a co-host can do for you, find out what exactly a co-host does.


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