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The king of online shopping offers the largest amount of products online.  With their Prime option, you’ll be able to get these products in hand in less than two days.  This much you already know.  But what you don’t know is that there are many ways to get even more from your Prime account that you may have missed along the way.

Amazon Prime Visa Signature Credit Card

Recently, Amazon released a fantastic Credit Card, in partnership with Chase, to offer 5% cash back on all of your Amazon purchases. Have a Prime account?  The annual fee is suddenly waived, and you’ll have access, based on credit, to this card.  Don’t be surprised if they up the ante on some offers, for example, if you have the card you can get an extra 10% cash back on an Amazon Fresh order (this deal may or may not exist depending on season).   Bypassing a deal like this is hard!

Unlimited Photo Storage

Forget the other cloud storage options with costly limits.  If you have a Prime account, you’ll have access to Amazon’s Prime Photos with unlimited storage!

Prime Samples – Sample Boxes

Like trying new things?  Prime Samples offers a buy one, get one free option for packed samples.  For example, you could try a box of new coffee pods, exploring different flavors and options.  By taking on the box, you’ll be rewarded by a similar box of the same kind.

Like to read?  Access to Prime Reading

Prime Reading is an underutilized function of the Prime membership.  Not to be confused with their Kindle Books and retail option.  Prime Reading is a category, focused on Amazon’s own effort to show you some great reading choices, including several audio versions.

Amazon Locker Access

Are you the type who feels a bit safer when you can pick up your orders, rather than have them delivered?  Amazon Locker is for you!  With your Prime account, you’ll have access to this function.  Order your products, or even return your products in a given locker.  Many options are coming to your city so keep your eyes peeled.

amazon locker benefits

Same Day Product Release Delivery

For those who like to get their movies, games, and other products on the same day as launch, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon has this covered as well.  Release-Date through your Amazon Prime account allows you to pre-order and achieve same day release date delivery.

Gamer?  Twitch Prime offers 20% off

For those who are unfamiliar with the Twitch platform.  Twitch is a game streaming service, allowing fans of games and influencers to connect through a social platform.  Twitch Prime is an additional service that gives you ad-free viewing, along with free games and several discount offers.

Wish List Price Monitoring

Product pricing on Amazon is never static, so if you are looking for a particular product, you can add it to your Wish List and see price changes.  You can wait for a deal to happen when you select the available option.  Go even further with price changes, with up to 120-day price change protection through Earny and research price changes through a site called

Whole Foods Products Integration

Amazon acquired the grocery chain to bring more presence in the food division.  With Amazon Fresh, a home delivery option for groceries, you’ll have access to decent pricing and convenience with excellent delivery times on your schedule.  What is interesting is that Amazon will eventually add several Whole Foods products to their Amazon Fresh, providing unparalleled quality and value to their Fresh program.  Find more benefits of Online Grocery services here.

Amazon Prime Video

Though not as famous as some competitors, this free add-on boasts a wide selection of original TV Shows and Movies.  You’ll also be able to stream the media on many platforms including Apple TV and Roku.  For many looking to cut costs, Prime Video carries enough to replace some tv streaming apps.

…and a few others

There are several more add-on benefits for Amazon Prime users.  They didn’t make our list due to added cost, convenience, or availability.

  • Prime Now:  Get items on the same day
  • Prime Music:  Two million songs included with your Prime Account
  • Prime Pantry:  Similar to Amazon Fresh, you’ll be able to buy several grocery related products for either an added cost or a small flat shipping fee
  • FreeTime:  Give your children access to thousands of educational movies, apps, and more

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