Target REDCard vs Walmart Credit Card vs Amazon Prime Signature

Amazon Prime Visa Signature

Amazon introduced an incredible Credit Card offer earlier this year.  Like many other benefits through your Prime account like unlimited Amazon photo storage, or Twitch Prime, once you are signed up for Amazon Prime, you now are capable of applying (and possibly being approved) for their 5% cash back card.

Because you already are paying $99 per year for the Prime, Amazon figures that would be good enough to cover the annual fee, so no annual fee with your active Prime Membership!

Not sold?  Remember with new services being introduced almost monthly, even Amazon’s Prime Fresh is a part of the 5% cash back you receive from utilizing this card.  This includes the newer Whole Foods selections that Fresh has recently added.

Target REDCard

For those loyal to the Bullseye, the REDCard is a formidable asset to carry around in your pocketbook or wallet.  You won’t receive cash back, rewards, or any products with this card.  What you receive may be the selling point:  5% off any Purchase at Target (or  You’ll also receive complimentary Free Shipping (and an excellent return policy) for being a cardholder for any online purchases.  Availability of both Debit and Credit Card formats keeps the approval process open for those with fair or bad credit.


Walmart’s Credit Card

A modest 3% off at and 2% at Walmart Gas Stations is the weakest offer of all 3 cards, however factor in Walmart’s incredibly low prices and you now have a decent card on your hands.

Walmart CC


Final Verdict and a Clear Winner (sort of)

When it comes to these 3 major US merchants there can be no question that each card money saving ability.  Amazon’s Prime Signature and it’s included 5% Cash Back is the best offer for any Credit Card and even matches saving ability of most credit cards out there.  However, if you have bad or no credit, you can link a Target REDcard to your bank account and earn 5% off for every Target purchase.  So in essence, the Target REDCard Debit card comes in a close second for flexibility.


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    1. Hi Martha,

      Inside this post are some links to gather some more information on each card, we recommend a look at the Target REDCard Debit card if you have minimal credit, but if you are interested in a Credit Card for shopping, Amazon’s Prime Signature card is recommended.

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