AMEX Cardholder? You Must Try This Function!

American Express sports not only excellent customer service, a slew of fantastic credit cards, and a secure online interface for bill payments, but the modern financial institution offers one of the best value propositions for any credit card holder out there.  American Express has offers from Delta, SPG (Marriott now), and other larger companies.

Plus who can forget that Seinfeld uses the American Express Green Card (Still Available Today!!):

How AMEX Offers Works

AMEX Offers links potential deals and coupons to your card so that if you spend your card at specific locations and follow the offer, you can receive money back (sometimes AMEX points).  For example, recently was on there.

If you linked the AMEX Offer and spent $75, AMEX would credit you with $25 in statement credit.  Yes, it’s pretty instant to get into your account!!

Amex offers
Just “Add to Card” and earn potential money back!

Each American Express Card is Different

Depending on your American Express card, you’ll see different offers at any given time.  Sometimes, your mileage may vary (aka. YMMV) in terms of what offers pop up on your American Express Online dashboard (and smartphone apps).  You can still easily link your offers to the card and spend in the same minute.  Be sure however to link these offers before you spend money on the AMEX offers.

Responsible Credit Card Use First!

MoneyHax believes that you should always pay off your credit card monthly.  Pretend that your credit card is a debit card, perhaps by using Debitize, the app that’ll automatically turn your credit card into a debit card.  

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