Which Animal Represents Your Financial Habits

Animals represent all sorts of a financial lifestyle, from saving to investing each unique animal kingdom has their preferences much like what we do.   Interested in taking a quick little quiz to see what kind of animal you may relate to?


Find out what you represent!

Are you a Lion? Check out our Quiz and find out!

Time to find out what kind of animal your financial choices relate to in the kingdom.  Like to spend?  Maybe you relate to one of the most respected animals around!

When it comes to how often you Hunt...

1. You like to go hunt once in a while and enjoy expanding your territory a few times a month
2. You don't like hunting at all, in fact you'd rather just eat veggies nearby
3. You spend most of your days hunting and stocking up on food
4. You hunt for the alpha male when going out a few times a month

When it comes to your Habitat (home)

1. You live in a modest home, that way you can migrate whenever you want
2. You have a large territory this way you stay put and keep focus on your area
3. You don't have a habitat, instead you spend your time discovering what you can
4. You like to share your habitat with your fellow species

Your hunting schedule comes at what time..

1. You hunt whenever you see some tasty food in your sight
2. Probably a good time to hunt is when it's quiet
3. You hunt during the day when everything is in sight
4. You probably will hunt when you are done doing everything else

When it comes to sharing food...

1. You don't like to share at all
2. You like to share some food, but you made the hunt you should keep most it
3. You let the others have first dibs since you pay it forward
4. You give 50/50 to your family and the rest for yourself

All 4 questions completed!

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Find out what you represent!

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