Two Apps Where You Can Win Real Money

Some apps will appeal to those with an appetite for games and winning money.  While you can argue the politics and ethics of these types of apps, gambling has always been a part of human culture for thousands of years.  At least with these two there’s no gambling involved, although you may get lucky with them!

Two Apps Where You Can Win Real Money

Grand App
Unique Value
Potential Impact
Ease of Use
Play to Win or Save for Later
Unique Savings App
With so many new Saving type apps out there, it’s refreshing to see one that rewards with sweepstakes opportunities.
Get Grand(er)

It’s time to save some money, but you know that savings accounts aren’t always the best place for your money.  After all, investing has much better returns.  Certainly, there are online savings accounts where you’ll yield high returns like the one found at CITBank (FDIC insured), but customization and saving’s goals tend to be lost along the way.  If you wanted to start saving towards a beach vacation in Hawaii or paying off your mortgage, there are a few apps that do this.  One, however, is looking to add additional value by adding sweepstakes.  That’s right:  You Can Save, Invest, and Win Money You Save with the Grand app.

Reward Your Saving Effort

It’s rare to find an app that incentivizes your saving efforts.  Like we mentioned the higher yield returns, but those come with long waits and are often small sums of money.  With the value of sweepstakes, it not only intrigues the end user to save more often but could help change one’s finance landscape for the long haul.  There is a drawback with this Grand app, and that is will eventually charge you $2/month for every month you use it.  On the other hand, that’s not bad for a triple-pronged approach to saving efforts.

How to Get Started on Grand App

You’ll need specific actions to get going on Grand, and it’s really easy to start!

  • Sign Up for Grand
  • Bank Account Log(in) information (Fully Encrypted and Secure)
  • Personal Address and Information
  • Email and Password that you would like to use

*From the dashboard, you’ll see how to adjust recurring payments (automatic withdrawals from your linked account).  You can turn this off in the savings preferences menu.  *

The dashboard will show you entries into the sweepstakes opportunities, potential saving towards your goal and much more.

First Grand Sweepstakes Entry

The Jackpot Opportunities

It’s no wonder the most popular incentive to joining Grand is the Sweepstakes / Jackpot opportunities that are linked to your account.  There will be Weekly Drawings (completely randomized) for the $1,000 winnings, and there are multiple ways to enter.  First one is that once you sign up, you’ll have various amounts of entries.  For future jackpots like the $25,000, you can always add each linked dollar into the jackpot drawing.

Grand App Jackpot

Investing Your Dollars

Even if you end up never winning a jackpot using Grand, you’ll still be eligible to save your money towards a Roth IRA or towards reaching saving goals like paying off your mortgage, loans, cars, etc.  Based on what you fill out, investing through Grand is a respected option that is comparable to an app like Stash.  So for every dollar you save or place towards sweepstakes, you’ll also be saving it into those ROTH IRA or Saving Goals.  Pretty neat!

Roth IRA Grand

You can set specific goals within your approach to saving:  the more Aggressive Style, the riskier it will be and the more conservative will produce a lesser return but will perform admirably over time.  The choice is yours!

Love Scratch Off Lottery Tickets?

Unique Value
Potential Impact
Ease of Use
Scratch Yourself Some Money
Appeal Scratches Away Shortly
Though we like the idea of free scratch-off tickets, there is little appeal once you’ve won only a few cents to a few dollars after hours of use. But hey, if you like Scratch-offs, here is your solution.

With the latest lottery winner netting themselves over 500 Million Dollars, people tend to go a tad crazy for lottery scratch-off tickets and the Powerball.  It’s no wonder that a company called Lucktastic is looking to capitalize on this type of market through a digital app available on iOS and Android / Google Play Stores.  We tried the app for about two weeks and found it to be a fun way to earn rewards, albeit very small rewards.  Is it a Scam?  Let’s take a look!

If you are looking to win thousands upon thousands of dollars through these types of apps, the news is not so good.  You likely will not!  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally win a few dollars here or there.  In our first few digital scratch-offs, we earned $1!  Hooray?

Losing Scratch Off Gift

People who would enjoy this type of app are those who are fond of purchasing handheld scratch-off tickets found at local stores and gas stations.  Because you won’t pay anything for these digital ones through Lucktastic, perhaps you can curb your lottery-fever by turning to this app.  Afterall, odds of winning real scratch offs are not so great.  Again, this is a generalization, and there have been huge winners in the past.

Win Coins for Upgraded Tickets

Like in-person scratch offs there are always better tickets with higher payouts.  Lucktastic is no different.  After a few tickets, you’ll be able to play higher reward tickets.  You’ll be able to play Monopoly themed tickets and other famous brand names that have partnered up with Lucktastic!

How does Lucktastic earn money?

So a question that we always ask when it comes to companies giving away free money is this:  “How Do They Make Money?”  Lucktastic likely partners up with advertising companies that will pay for ads when a user plays a scratch off.  Plus there are commercials almost every time you play a new ticket.  Video plays are advertising dollars for Lucktastic, so this makes sense.  They likely have analytics in place for every few video shows/ads a winner takes place.

In total it’s NOT a Scam

Lucktastic isn’t so bad if you love those scratch-offs.  You won’t pay anything except a ton of time watching pesky videos almost every time you play a new card.  Want to get started?  Try Lucktastic today, or one of it’s newer competitors: Lucky Day.

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