Real Life Robots that Negotiate Money Back to You!!

There are always new ways to save, but in the following post, we’ll talk about two ways to save big time.  Cutting your internet and cable bill by almost 50% and getting refunds for stuff you have already bought.  How to do this?  Using two innovative apps called Trim and Earny.  These two technologies use programmed robots to calculate and also negotiate substantial savings for FREE!

Ask Trim – Cable and Internet Bill Watcher

Trim Save
Easy Bill Cutting with Trim

Ever notice an increase in your cable or internet bill over a few months, only to use the service without any significant difference.  It could be many things including new taxes, or regulations.  Good thing there’s Trim, the Cable Bill Negotiator.  All you have to do is link your cable account using their dashboard, and they’ll scan automatically for these changes.  If a power outage occurs, or anything out of the ordinary…you get money knocked off your bill for that month!

Trim service selectionOther Service in the Trim Dashboard:

  • Cancel Unwanted Services Automatically, i.e., Netflix (Should you not use it!)
  • Be notified of Expenses per month to help with budgeting
  • Coming Soon: Car Insurance Negotiation!

Earny – Price Refund Negotiator

So…what is a price refund exactly?  Ever buy something one day, only to find out the very next day or week it’s significantly cheaper?  Price change refunds protect you from these types of occurrences.  Earny has found a way to make it easy for you to do this without having to call or go through service customer service lines.

I used to go with my Mom to Macy’s and show them receipts of past purchases within 30 days and they’d give us money back.  It was a monthly thing we did to help save some money around the houses.  Earny makes this type of stuff obsolete and makes our lives easier! – Earny User


How does it work?

  • Link your primary email account, i.e., Gmail
  • Earny will scan for recent receipts purchases
  • Link your Amazon Account for further purchase scanning
  • Add your Credit Card that comes with 30-90 days buyer protection

About those Credit Cards

You can certainly link ANY credit card to Earny and still get the price change refund available.  A standard price change refund can vary store to store, however.  Amazon, for example, will allow seven days for a price change refund.  This, however, is extended when you have an applicable credit card with purchase protection.  Remember our favorite credit card, the Barclaycard Arrival Plus?  This one offers a whopping 120 Day Purchase Protection!

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