How One Credit Card Bonus Paid for a Family Vacation

Paid Vacation with Barclaycard

Hello, all!  This is your friendly neighborhood MoneyHax founder, Todd.  This article is proof that with responsible credit card user you can earn a family vacation!

As a family decided to take a trip 300 miles north to Seaworld Orlando.  While some of you are against the theme park that has little to do with the actual point here.

We only paid $50 out of pocket

So how did we do such a thing and can you do this as well?  The answer is of course.  At MoneyHax, we’ll show you the benefits of having a credit card.  If you are parents, who pay for daycare, although it’s a big expense, if you use it towards credit card bonuses like the one we received with the Barclaycard, you’ll find that utilizing these bonuses can give you great benefit.

Penny is ready to take pictures

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus has a 50,000 point bonus when you spend $3,000 in 90 days.  Many credit cards offer a very similar payout in bonus.  With the Barclaycard, it is travel specific, meaning while you can redeem the points for cash back, you get the absolute best value if you redeem for travel.  One of the greater benefits here is that Barclaycard doesn’t hold you back on what travel site you use.  For the most part (there are some exceptions) that if you book from a, for example, that will work as a travel redemption.  50,000 points equals $500.  But, again, to get to that level, you need to spend $3000.  So, in essence, you’ll likely get 53000 points in total.  $530.

Once we received the bonus, we decided to pursue vacation options.

For some, this could very well be a round-trip to an exotic place, a significant discount on a cruise, etc.  For us, we decided to go to Orlando.

Here is everything we got covered from the ~approximately $530 bonus travel dollars

  • 2 SeaWorld Tickets (Children under 3 are free)
  • 2 Parking Tickets
  • 15 Food Samples for the Seven Seas Food Festival (enough to satisfy)
  • 2 Night Stay at Caribe Royale booked on
  • Travel Insurance
  • Round Trip Gas from Miami to Orlando

A vendor at the Seven Seas Festival

Using Credit Card bonuses are something we’ll continue to talk about here at MoneyHax.  If you have a stable job, or income stream and pay off our credit card debt monthly, credit cards are an excellent way to earn extra rewards paying for stuff you normally would.  The Barclaycard Arrival Plus is terrific for those who want to travel and have specific sites they are loyal to when they book travel.  The approval odds of the Barclaycard were better than normal, perhaps this is because they are looking for more of a presence in the United States.

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