Best Online Places to Sell Cell Phones

When it comes to buying a used phone, you’ll be able to take advantage of a significant discount.  You don’t have to be locked into a two-year cell phone agreement, nor do you have to pay the full retail price.  Selling a cell phone is another story.  Don’t worry though, because selling a cell phone could be comfortable.  Depending on what kind of money or even risk you want to take plays a factor on each specific place to sell your cell phone.

eBay – Moderate Place to Sell

ebay sellWith eBay, you have the biggest used electronic marketplace online.  It’s that simple.  However, you’ll need to take a few quality photos of your phone, make sure it’s described EXACTLY how you would want to present it.  Here are some vital details to include if you’re going to sell:

  • Include the Carrier (or if it’s unlocked)
  • Condition (Including the word USED helps, even though it’s obvious)
  • Take any pictures and describe the issues in detail
  • Make sure whoever is bidding has positive feedback

The last bullet may be up for debate, but coming from experience, selling on eBay is a bit risky if you don’t know if the seller has previously bought something before.  In some cases, a buyer will take advantage of eBay’s Buyer Protection and use a product for 30 days, and they want a full return.  Other mistakes are not describing to a tee, and let the seller (even after purchase) know about the potential issue.  If things go without communication, you will likely hear back from the buyer wanting some refund.  Yes, this happens way too much!

OfferUp – Higher Potential, Safety Concerns Still Exist

OfferUp, along with Craigslist are great places to sell used phones.  We recommend OfferUp because it allows you to see who is a verified person beforehand and you can fund your account digitally.  The best ways to sell your phone on these types of avenues including:

  • Include Carrier Information
  • Condition with many pictures
  • Price according to competition
  • Always meet in a public location with security cameras

See what other people are selling a similar phone for and mark it accordingly.  With OfferUp you never know if someone sold something at face cost, so it’s always good to see what’s out there first.  Also, when someone contacts you about buying you should first make sure he/she is verified.  Another tip for negotiations could include ways to trade for other goods.  OfferUp does allow you to scan a potential buyer’s offers so perhaps you can work out a deal!

Gazelle – Least Risky / Lowest Price

The place least popular is the one with the least amount of work involved.  Gazelle is one of the best places to sell cell phones, and other select electronics because of it’s ability to “lock” in your price, depending on the general information you give them.  For example, recently put in the general condition and carrier information of a Google Pixel XL, and it gave me the price to lock in.  Once you lock in and agree, it doesn’t matter if Google gives these phones out for free, you will earn the locked in price.  Although it’s not the highest price on the market for most costs, there are other benefits of Gazelle:

  • No Need to Meet
  • They’ll Send You the Box (After Locked Price)
  • Send Your Phone in Box for Free
  • Get Money Via PayPal or Other Methods

Be sure to reset your device to factory conditions (this included selling on other marketplaces as well).  Gazelle takes security and their sellers seriously, so you’ll be respected if you have any questions or issues sending the product in.  Because it’s so easy and hands-off to sell through Gazelle, it makes it an excellent place to sell.

gazelle animal
Gazelle: Quick Animal / Quick Place to Sell


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