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A problem that has plagued most people has a solution.  The problem is that people always tend to lose their keys! Catch the show Stranger Things?  Even one of the leading characters loses their keys in the second season during a significant event!  The answer is an essential Bluetook Tracker and Finding Device.

Luckily, there are quite a few options when it comes to the marketplace for such a product.  Here are the two best solutions we have found!  The concept for these two is simple.  Attach the device to an essential piece of luggage, set of keys, or even a pet.  Once the product is linked to your Smartphone via an app (provided by the company), you can ring the Bluetooth device or utilize the Smartphone to find the Bluetooth device.  Yes, that right you can use these tools to find your phone as well!

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This company has been around and innovating in this space since it’s inception.  You’ll find small or more significant Tile Bluetooth products.  For example, you can purchase a Tile product so slim that it will fit in your wallet.  No more losing your credit cards!

Tile Wallet


Trackr is another option that is similar to the Tile app but is a tad cheaper.  Sure you won’t find the quality of the interface you get from Tile, but at a lower price, you get the necessary tools to get tracking properly.


XY Find it

Looking for a unique option?  XY Find it a smaller business that even allows you to invest in it!  ThiBluetoothth tracker offers similar features including a time stamp of when and where you last placed your Bluetooth device down.  Also, you’ll be hooked up with an extra battery making the invention last almost twice as long as a Tile device!


How Far Do These Trackers Go?

Some Bluetooth trackers can track an acre of several thousand feet.  Look at it this way. However, it’s Bluetooth and not it’s own wireless network.  Bluetooth works well within a few feet of your smartphone.  For example, Bluetooth headphones lose connection when you are only a few steps away from the smartphone or paired device.  With Bluetooth trackers, the signal is always on and will try to connect to your phone when it’s close, that’s the difference between the headphones and these types of trackers.


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