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As an advocate for saving and making extra money, I have begun presenting my mission to small and local businesses, corporations, and groups that want to learn more about these Fintech apps can help change your life.

Book an In-Person Seminar that includes a presentation of:

  • 50 Money Apps to Try Right Now
  • How much you can save or earn using these apps
  • Improve your employee’s lifestyles
  • As a corporation learn how to utilize apps be more efficient

Each 1 Hour Long Seminar includes equipment and tools to get started including a projector and screen. All I need is a room and employees eager to learn a bit more about these apps. Plus, if you would prefer a digital seminar, there’s the option of hosting a webinar.

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  • $500 for groups of 10-15 People
  • $25 for additional persons
  • One Hour Long
  • Serving Continental United States

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