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Although the mission is to shop Brand Free, Brandless in itself is acting as a brand. Plus, we think this company is begging to be acquired by a Target, Walmart, or Amazon. Overall, it’s OK but there are better and faster options.

Ever wondered why generic brands are so much cheaper?  It’s likely due to the lack of paid marketing.  Marketing and advertisements are typically reflected in the end price of an average grocery store product, like Oreos, for example.  Shop for generic cookies and save up to 40% on a similar product.

A Brand Free Online Environment at Brandless

One company has started using the model of branding free products.  You’ll find off-brand products like soap, Keurig k-cups, and more at

Surveys for Money

Become a member of the online store and get $1 Shipping on your Purchases.  This type of model essentially reminds you of what Aldi did with their grocery market.

Brandless Options

Brandless likes to call the marketing of your typical branding (i.e. Rice Krispies or Oreos) to be called BrandTax™.  Many times, we assume that because a brand has been around long enough, that the quality of the products are just better than generic brands, and this is something Brandless wants to eradicate.  According to Brandless, the average person pays at least 40% more for goods of similar quality!

Brandless Alternatives

Although we’ve seen Brandless take on this mission of being brand-free, there are competitors in the space that offer a similar value proposition for your shopping.  If you are interested, check out:

  • Boxed – Alternative to BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club
  • Blink Health – Find generic prescriptions (Local Pharmacies included)
  • Amazon Generics – Although hidden, Amazon operates with several generic brands like “Pike Street” Linen, or “Happy Belly” Food
  • – No owned by Walmart, there are several brands including cleaning supplies

Of all of the alternatives, the one that makes sense to compete for the most with Brandless would be, the large e-commerce website initially backed by multiple angel investors, and now operated by Walmart.

Maybe it’s time to take shopping online for good

Bottom line is that shopping generic for certain products, including cleaning and laundry supplies will certainly help you save more money.

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