Broken Phone? Time to Consider These Options

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If you have broken your phone within the past few hours and are struggling with the idea of going without your smartphone for a while, we understand your pain. But don’t fret because Puls is here!

Puls is an on-demand cell phone repair service that will come to you. Affordability and swiftness are the key factors here. If you buy a new contract or phone you could be spending (over time) way too much cash out of pocket.

Buying a Contract is not a Money Hack

If you buy a new contract or phone, you could be spending (over time) way too much cash out of pocket.  In most cases, the primary carriers will include your typical data and calling charges along with the financing of your phone in one bill.  What these companies usually fail to mention (or highlight) is that you pay a significant portion of that monthly payment for your phone itself.  Whereas, there are plenty of month to month phone deals out there starting at $15 a month for a company like Republic Wireless.  Better yet, there’s a company offering Free Wireless Data and Calling.



Buying Used is the Way to Go

Getting a used out of box smartphone is the way to go.  Not only does the price of the phone drop significantly once the phone is out of its original box, but in many cases, if the phone is used for a few months you could get a better deal.  Places to find great deals on used phones are:

You could also just buy a new phone outright and still save.  Buying a premium phone like the Apple iPhone or OnePlus 5T could still save you in the long run when you avoid financing your phone through the typical two-year contract.

Buying a phone outright instead of being hooked into a two-year plan is the main decision you’ll have to make.

Broken Phone? Consider this

If your phone is new or bought within the past 6 through 12 months, you should consider phone repair. If it is older, you can consider selling your phone for parts, looking for a used phone, and see how much out of pocket you’ll pay!  If you have broken your phone, you still have options to weigh!

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