Buy (or Sell) Your Next Car Online

Curious about how to get the best deal nowadays without dealing with salespeople and large car selection?  Buying your next car online is now wholly possible through Vroom (formerly Texas Direct Auto) and Carvana.  But first, is buying a car online a legit option?  Yes, indeed it is! With a bevy of possibilities now, including OfferUp, you’ll unquestionably find the right fit and even the possibility of negotiation.

Before: Car Buying Experience

Vroom (Texas Direct Auto) boasts an awe-inspiring user experience allowing for anyone to find their desired car without the whole traditional car buying experience.  Which for typically goes something like:

  • Have an idea of what car you want
  • Go to dealership, see the car
  • Ask for more information, get a salesperson
  • Test Drive
  • Once back, the price tag seems to be different
  • Haggle for a better deal since the price in mind, or advertised on TV is NEVER the same
  • Take an extraordinary amount of time deciding to continue
  • Walking out with car will be sometime late afternoon or evening with a bit of buyer’s remorse

After: The Vroom (Texas Direct Auto) Car Buying Experience

Vroom, on the other hand, dispenses this method:

  • Scan the site for the car you would like (Even harder to find cars like the Ford Lightning!)
  • See plenty of pictures beforehand
  • Information regarding the history or specifications of the vehicle
  • If you want to continue, their financing options are planted right in front of you
  • Get the car delivered to you within the week
  • You can test the car for seven days or 250 miles
  • Keep it and be happy

Buying through Vroom (or Carvana) can still be a tough pill to swallow.  I mean, are you ready to buy a car entirely online and have it delivered?  You should be due to the whole testing process.

Test Drive Cars Locally

Depending on your area you can always test drive used or newer cars that your desire without the hassle of buying.  Test the models you would like to buy eventually, and then when ready, buy your car online!  Remember, Vroom does offer a 7-day test limit.

Selling Your Car Through Vroom (Texas Direct Auto) is a massive time saver

Not only can you buy cars through the Vroom app, but selling is just as easy.  You could even save more money since Vroom is online, so you could save money on taxes.

Sell Car through Vroom

Some basic information is needed to sell

  • VIN number
  • Trim level (i.e LE, SE, SLT, etc)
  • Any exceptional loans
  • The car’s status
  • Any important features or extras
  • If you’ve repaired the tires
  • Correct mileage
  • Pictures of the car
Buying or selling online will become the norm, get ahead of the trend and save a bit more time and energy using the Vroom service.
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