Cable Cut Your Bill In Half

What exactly is cable cutting, and why would it apply to you?

Cable cutting is merely a way to avoid using the TV side of your cable bill.  Many cable companies force TV/Internet packages on their sales pitches and in many cases do offer large cable TV packages and offer a wide selection of channels to choose from.  What many still don’t know is that these channels are now ready to stream to your TV through the internet.  Why pay for cable TV these days?  In fact, there’s a service called Trim that will cut your cable bill automatically for you.

Streaming Media and TV Options

There are several premium apps out there, and each of them has their benefits.  You can choose to have live TV, or you can utilize an app for their original programming, like what Netflix has with Stranger Things.  Double, or even Triple up on these apps and still save on the traditional cable bill.

  • YouTube TV:  Live TV and On Demand (availability limited)
  • Hulu Plus:  Commercial free options on many (not all) of your favorite TV Shows
  • Netflix: Popular streaming service that has now focused on their TV Shows
  • DirecTV Now:  Live TV and On Demand
  • Sling TV:  Live TV and On Demand

We took a look at the DirecTV and Sling services, check it out here.

Next step, get a streaming device

There are a few options when it comes to streaming your favorite shows.  The two that stick out, based on budget and variety are the Roku Devices and Google’s Chromecast.


Roku attaches to your TV, and you can set up channels through the interface that is prompted.  Google’s Chromecast offers beaming or the proper term, Casting, to your TV so that you use your phone or smart device as your remote controller.  If you like using YouTube, the Chromecast device is the clear winner here.  If you are the type of person who wants just to browse and use a remote, Roku is the device for you.

Don’t Like TV but want the Option Occasionally?

Cable or Streaming TV isn’t for everyone. You can find that a $10 through $20 High Definition Antenna will service all your local TV needs.  Just hook up the antenna and get your TV to search for channels.  Go to or for more information.

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