Stick lights in your ear and gain energy

We’ve uncovered some interesting products in the past, like the Lifestraw which allows you to drink water from any fresh water location.  Now we’ve discovered a way to boost your energy simply by stick headphones in your ear! Light up your ears? Enter, the HumanCharger, a unique electronic device that utilizes headphones, instead of producing […]

money making chrome extensions

5 Chrome Extensions for Online Shopping

Before there were Chrome Extensions, there were Toolbars.  These pesky add-ons were often too resourceful and added much loading time to your internet browsing.  Today, adding extensions for your online shopping experience can save you bundles of cash in places you never thought to look.  Let’s take a look at 5 of them: Gumdrop GoodSearch, […]

healthtap featured blog photo

Talk to a Doctor from Your Phone!

Text with Your Doctor The days of calling your primary care provider, scheduling an appointment, and sitting in two waiting rooms to visit your doctor are over.  Enter, HealthTap.  This app will connect you with doctors that are willing to provide consultations live on the phone via text or video. For a little flat fee […]

buy cars online

Buy your next car online!

Curious on how to get the best deal nowadays without dealing with salespeople and large car selection?  Buying your next car online is now completely possible through Vroom. Before: Car Buying Experience Vroom boasts an awe-inspiring user experience allowing for anyone to find their desired car without the whole traditional car buying experience.  Which for […]

into shape 20 a month

Get in shape for under $20 a month

It’s not New Year’s Day yet, but you are yearning to get into shape.  You can try these options that pay you to work out, although they might not motivate you. Sure, you can also just go for a run outside, do push-ups, and more, but the purpose of this article is to find reliable […]