Life Insurance Made Easy

Life Insurance Made Incredibly Simple

As Peter Pan has taught us is that growing up sometimes isn’t so fun, and we’d always love to stay children forever.  When responsibility increases, including caring for your loved ones, Life Insurance is a frequent financial topic that enters the conversation.  The process of signing up for any insurance policy is filled with questionaries, […]

Learn Finance

Learn Finance the Fun Way

The world’s richest person has a background in finance That is not a coincidence! Before he went and founded your favorite e-commerce store, Amazon, he had a successful career in the world of finance and knew how to make — and SAVE money. At MoneyHax, we know how essential it is to have a background […]

Stock Market

5 Useful Apps For Money Conscious Traders

There’s an app for pretty much everything these days. Apps to help you lose weight, apps to book your next flight and apps that take up hours of your time as you fling angry birds about the place. Some are more useful than others. When it comes to trading, money-conscious traders should undoubtedly make the […]

Checking Featured

Check Yourself: The Basics of a Bank Check

We’ve all been there. Waiting in line at the grocery store after a long days work and all the sudden when you are ready to place your groceries on to the conveyor belt, the person in front of you pays with a check. Although it may seem like a waste of time, using a check […]

Swish App

Need Help Budgeting? The World’s Easiest Budgeting App is Here!

If you have issues overspending, or just feel your account is continually drained of assets, you should consider budgeting right now!  Don’t worry; we’ve investigated many ways to make budgeting fun and easy, including Personal Capital, a premium budgeting app.  However, when we dive even further into the budgeting world, is it still too complicated for […]