Save on Every Prescription

We have come across an app that allows you to save on every prescription, new or refill.  Of course, you will need to have a proper order note beforehand.  Enter, Blink Health, an incredible new service that allows you to shop around, locally, for the best price on your medication. Sporting a clean interface, Blink […]

Safe Driver Insurance

Safe Driver? Then Allstate is for you!

Does your significant other complain of driving too slow on the interstate? Have a knack of using the turn signals at every turn, even when no one is nearby? If this reminds you of someone you know, then that person is likely a safe driver! It’s good to be in Allstate Insurance The traditional insurance […]

Travel Credit Cards with Large Sign Up Bonuses

At MoneyHax, we advocate for responsible credit card usage and suggest you pay your balance every chance you get. Once you accumulate enough spending, you’ll be eligible for a one-time bonus (depending on the credit card offer). If you are looking to travel and you happen to spend several thousand dollars a month on expenses, […]

peer to peer lending featured image

Invest in other people’s loans – Peer to Peer Investing (P2P)

Have faith in other’s ability to pay off loans? Take advantage with Peer to Peer Lending options. Quite simply: Invest in other people’s loans. This can be done through multiple solutions including, Lending Club and Prosper. With these two options, you’ll be able to see a wide array of loans with the lender’s ranking (credit […]

Mortgage Calculator featured

Mortgage Calculator – A MoneyHax Utility

Our goal here at MoneyHax is to make sure you get the best savings and personal finance advice.  The mortgage calculator below will give you loads of information.  When the form below is submitted with your information, the amortization schedule will be generated.  This schedule is what you pay over the term of your mortgage […]