Affiliate Marketing vs MLMs – Which One Is For You?

If you are the type of person who loves pushing new products to your friends and families, there have been a few companies that have taken advantage of this mindset.  MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies like Lularoe, doTerra, Amway empowers people with products and services to sell for a chance of financial independence.  Sadly, most of these businesses fail and leave potential re-sellers out of business and possibly in debt.

Sure, there are success stories within the MLM business model, but for the most case, each Multi-Level Business is aimed at pleasing the top person or person’s involved.  You’ll be pushing a singular product that may or may not be the best.

Cheaper Alternative to Lularoe Leggings, doTerra, and More!

It drives us crazy when the most significant and most logical alternative to MLMs is smack dab in each customer’s face.  Affiliate Marketing is a term that may or may not be intimidating, but it’s mostly referring people to products and services of major companies.  Sound familiar?

Yes, in fact, Affiliate Marketing is a competent replacement for MLMs but with many significant benefits when comparing to MLMs.

1:  Uh, there’s no cost

The price of being an Affiliate Marketer is zero, zilch, nada.

2:  You can sell ANYTHING

So you want to sell makeup?  So you want to sell essential oils?  Do you want to sell…cars? Check, Check, and Check.  Cost of doing it?  None.  Plus you get money if you successfully do sell someone on these products.

3:  Most Major Companies Use Affiliate Marketing

There’s a reason why companies like Lularoe and doTerra are not typically found in stores like Target.  Their quality is up for grabs.  Plus, you are limited to unique products.  The difference here is that you can represent yourself and sell whatever the heck you want!  Here are some other companies with Affiliate Marketing capability:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Houzz
  • Home Depot
  • Macy’s
  • Sephora
  • Best Buy
  • uh hello, are you still with me?

“What about Wealth Affiliate? Isn’t that Affiliate Marketing”

While you can always start a blog on your using Affiliate Marketing, heck you can even follow our advice, but belonging to a group of people that have both successfully and unsuccessfully integrated Affiliate Marketing is beneficial.  When you join Wealthy Affiliate, there are no significant guarantees and no significant costs that would typically endure when you start a website focusing on business revenue.

Because there aren’t any significant costs for startup, and although you may be misdirected because of other Multi-Level Marketing schemes like doTerra and Lularoe, Wealthy Affiliate is barely a fraction of the cost and includes the necessary tools to start a website anyway.

As mentioned, the MLM companies will charge you a fortune to gather materials whereas Wealthy Affiliate may cost about $50 per month with premium web hosting plans.  WP Engine, a WordPress Hosting Company, costs around $200 per year.  At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be paying a premium for Affiliate Marketing Education, Tools, and Support.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium

Affiliate Marketing Education Matters

We can’t totally recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it’s a hefty price tag for the risk involved.  You can always read up on Affiliate Marketing through our site, through others who have posted on it, or through eBooks.  Wealthy Affiliate does, however, recognize that education is essential for any blogger or website who wants to earn money through this avenue.

After being inside the Affiliate Marketing industry one thing certainly stands out:  People Still Overcomplicate Affiliate Marketing!

Wealthy Affiliate is an overpriced business opportunity, that is close to an MLM, pushing free education at a premium cost.

Who wants to be an (Affiliate Marketing) Millionaire?

Before you get all excited about becoming the next millionaire through Affiliate Marketing, and trust us, we’ve met many of them.  It’s time to take a step back and tell you that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows being an affiliate marketer either.  Competition is aggressive.  Original content, as in, not just showing people products or links, is required.

Plus, it’s no given that Affiliate Marketing is better for you than MLMs.  Maybe you need that upfront cost to get you invested in the products.  However, the opportunity is out there for becoming an Amazon seller and not just an Essential Oils salesperson.  For us, the choice is easy.

Learn Affiliate Marketing in 5 Minutes

Why You Should Not Choose an MLM

We respect when you have a successful business utilizing an MLM, but we think that if your efforts were made in a different direction, the one we’ll talk about in this post, you may have garnered even more success.  Why are we against MLMs to begin with:

1:  They Cost Money Upfront (Lots of it)

We hate the fact that MLMs require a significant purchase beforehand to start reselling.  Some MLMs are affordable and useful and do not need tons of money to begin with, but for those that do, like…90% of them, we’re against this.  One Reddit user even deemed MLMs as “Moms Losing Money.”  We think there’s still value in an MLM like a Stella and Dot, because they are new and have limited opportunity, but overall it may not be worth the money!

2:  Locking You Into Buying, Means Your Invested

The internet is ever-changing, and so are social channels.  MLMs lock you into a product and service that may not apply to most people at any given time.

3:  Are MLMS a Scam?

doTerra operates much like an MLM or Pyramid scheme, letting others sell the products for them as the resellers make a profit on them.  It’s a legitimate business, so it’s not entirely a scam.  Albeit, it’s not the most efficient way to re-seller products.  We’ve written about “It Works” a sports accessory that is neither proven to work or be worth the cash up front.  There’s a common bond herein that these products are somewhat safe to sell and little risk to the re-seller.

Also, these products seem to claim health benefits, although nothing is proven. Even the whole organic certification from doTerra is also objectionable, was proven to be purchased from the company itself.  It’s not that we don’t like doTerra products, but it’s inefficient, and like other MLMs, it’s quite insecure because one day you could be selling these like hotcakes and the next the products could be recalled or banned due to an upset MLM customer or lawsuit.


Traditionally, MLM (or Pyramid Scheme) programs like this one could be written off as a scam immediately, and we’ll reserve judgment on that but bear in mind that they sell “sports wraps and applicators,” and there typically is no real proven health benefits to these types of things.  If you are the type of person who likes to try new ways to lose weight then maybe selling It Works products is a decent choice.  However, as we want to write about Hacking Affiliate Marketing is undoubtedly the way to go.


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