Top 5 Cashback Sites

It’s hard to imagine that many people still shop online without looking for cash back or coupon based discount.  Coupons are found quickly at, and other similar sites just type in “Coupons at, ” and you’ll find a few websites that may be of use.  However, many people have a hard time grasping Cash Back.

Cashback sites online only require an account and to click the name of the merchant, without bouncing off to another coupon or cash back site.  Stay the course, and you earn an advertised cash back amount.  Look no further for the absolute best cashback sites online.

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Swagbucks (which also owns MyPoints and Shopathome) offers cash back for store shopping, in person shopping or dining, watching quick videos, and even taking surveys just to name a few.


The most famous of cashback sites, labeled rebate site, offers many stores at the highest commission rates online.  Given that they have exclusive partnerships with many of the merchants, Ebates keeps a steady clientele of both customers and stores.


If you are looking to shop and invest in your children at the same time, perhaps U-Promise is the option for you.  You’ll be able to receive cash back in the form of a 529 funding account.  You can earn additional 529 investment opportunities through their Upromise Credit Card (Mastercard)


Although no real side sells here, this cashback site is straightforward with competitive rates amongst many of the merchants.  You’ll also be notified via their email newsletter of increased cash back days for the retailers you love.

Giving Assistant

Here, you’ll earn money back but for every cash back donation you decide to give to charity will be matched by them!

Bonus – The Cash Back Monitor

If you are the type, who likes to shop not only online for your favorite products but have an interest in utilizing many cashback sites.  Use to find the best rates for each of the stores you pursue.  Using the site is pretty simple, especially if you have the Chrome browser.  You can add a Bookmarklet tool that allows you to see the best cash back rate for a store you like to shop.

Interested in getting cash back automatically?  Try the app DOSH.  

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  • Sam
    Posted April 29, 2018 at 7:12 pm 0Likes

    I tried Swagbucks before and was not very happy with the returns I got. I was making less than $5 an hour doing surveys and watching videos – if that! I use Ebates now. Since you’re already making purchases if you’re using Ebates, you have nothing to lose. Don’t pass up getting money back!

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