Cord Cutting Guide: Guide to Stream Cable and Not Pay For It

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Cord (or cable) cutting is merely a way to avoid using the TV side of your cable bill.  Many cable companies force TV/Internet packages on their sales pitches and in many cases do offer large cable TV packages and offer a wide selection of channels to choose from.  What many still don’t know is that these channels are now ready to stream to your TV through the internet.  Why pay for cable TV these days?

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It’s Not Easy to Take Cable TV Off Your Bill

Most cable providers give you package deals regarding internet and cable.  Choose Internet Without Cable through a provider is somewhat of a challenge.  During our call with a Cable Company, we’ve found that it’s cheaper to focus on your internet speed package while also combining your bill with Basic TV.  Meaning, you’ll still pay for Cable TV, and you may not use it that much, but by allowing it in your bill, you may have a better deal.

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Why Cable Companies Do This?

We don’t speak for any cable company, but the primary reason of a better-priced package deal even regarding Internet Without Cable is that advertising plays a significant role.  As you know, most channels on Cable TV offer Advertisements, or Commercials.  By allowing that marketing aspect into your home still makes sense for the cable providers.

Trim the Internet / Cable Bill Even More

Choosing your internet and cable tv package is one thing, cutting your costs, even more, is another.  Did you know that you could, in fact, trim your cable bill even more by letting a Robot negotiate internet and cable outages and other price changes?  AskTrim and BillShark are two ways to get someone on your side and fight any price changes regarding your cable bill, in a hands-off manner.  No need to speak to a machine on the other end, just let a Robot from Trim do it!

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Read to Start “Cord Cutting?”

1:  Get a streaming device

There are a few options when it comes to streaming your favorite shows.  The two that stick out, based on budget and variety are the Roku Devices and Google’s Chromecast.


Roku attaches to your TV, and you can set up channels through the interface that is prompted.  Google’s Chromecast offers beaming or the proper term, Casting, to your TV so that you use your phone or smart device as your remote controller.  If you like using YouTube, the Chromecast device is the clear winner here.  If you are the type of person who wants just to browse and use a remote, Roku is the device for you.

Don’t Like TV but want the Get Over The Air TVy?

Cable or Streaming TV isn’t for everyone. You can find that a $10 through $20 High Definition Antenna will service all your local TV needs.  Just hook up the antenna and get your TV to search for channels.  Go to or for more information.

2:  Streaming Media and TV Options

There are several premium apps out there, and each of them has their benefits.  You can choose to have live TV, or you can utilize an app for their original programming, like what Netflix has with Stranger Things.  Double, or even Triple up on these apps and still save on the traditional cable bill.

  • YouTube TV:  Live TV and On Demand (availability limited)
  • Hulu Plus:  Commercial free options on many (not all) of your favorite TV Shows
  • Netflix: Popular streaming service that has now focused on their TV Shows
  • DirecTV Now:  Live TV and On Demand
  • Sling TV:  Live TV and On Demand

Directv NOW vs Sling TV

DirecTV vs Sling

Directv Now and Sling TV are one of the most subscribed services alongside Netflix and Amazon Prime. If Hulu and the latter two are out of your consideration, it’s most likely that you are going to choose anyone between Directv Now and Sling TV.

So how do they measure against each other? We know you don’t want to be left with vague answers or even worse, with balanced neutral views from a pros and cons only perspective. This is where give you a critic of both, where we talk about exactly those features that you are usually looking for and how do they compare to each other.

Package Structure

Directv Now arranges its packages in groups called as tiers. Each successive level will have all the channels from the previous ones plus additional ones that make it bigger and better than the previous one. That is it. So if you are looking for a package with more than one (or a bunch of) channels and if they are not available in the current package, just upgrade and move on to the next.

Sling TV, on the other hand, is a chooser’s annoyance in these regards. Their package hierarchy is more of either this or that where one package may have a very lucrative group of channels while the other will have completely replaced them with some other group of channels. Sling TV uses media corporations (FOX, Disney, etc.) as the basis for its groupings. However, you can avail Sling TV’s add-on packages to add individual channels to your current package.

We believe that unless you are very opinionated that one media corporation has channels with superior content, it makes sense that you go for Directv Now where packages are inclusive, and all you have to do is to upgrade to the next one if you want more. However, if you are okay with shelling more money for individual add-on channels, go for the Sling TV, which brings us to our next point of discussion.

Pricing Info

Sling TV is more about being a particular viewer and having a predetermined preference for groups of particular channels while offering you the facility to choose individual channels as add-ons. Whereas Directv Now offers you packages with a lot of channels already packed inside. Directv Now is more expensive than Sling TV.

Sling TV has packages of $20, $25 and $40 per month and Directv Now has packages worth $35, $50, $60 and $70 per month. Here Sling TV’s $40 package contains both FOX and Disney and is similar to Directv Now’s $35 package.

If you are only content with having access to a large army of channels and are not particularly pedantic about TV channels, go for Directv Now.


Sling TV was noted for having a bad streaming quality in the beginning but has shown that it is capable of drastic improvement recently. Directv Now, on the other hand, has an excellent streaming quality and just a notch higher than Sling TV. So there you go, Directv Now wins hands on.

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