Shed Office Politics By Working From Co-Working Spaces

We’ve all been there.  You don’t like a co-worker, or maybe you feel like the cubicle space is too wide open and you feel like there is no privacy to look on Facebook occasionally.  We’re here to tell you that these days will soon come to an end.  Remote work is growing in size because of cost-cutting rent and other related expenses.  One alternative that many employers are looking at is Co-Working Environments (Also known as Shared Offices).  Co-Working environments typically consist of several smaller companies working under one roof, often engaging in casual conversation about nothing related to your own business or perhaps arranging business deals together.  Either way, working with other companies next to you can bring out more innovation and decrease levels of stress that a typical office environment has.

R.I.P. Office Environments from 1950-2015

If you are still living in the past or recall a typical office day looking like what we have below, you may experience changes coming within the next few years (according to!

  • 6AM-8AM Getting Ready For Work
  • 8AM-9:30AM Driving in Rush Hour Traffic adding an average 1 Hour to your day
  • 9:30AM-12:00PM Engage in work checking emails, doing whatever it is you need to do, with occasional casual talk about the previous day or weekend
  • 12:00PM-1:00PM Lunch Time!  Time to ask your coworkers to lunch, if you don’t, you may find yourself on the outer circles of office politics
  • 1:00PM-4:00PM More work is done here, but probably more focused and intense since this is when most people are awake and spending money
  • 5:00PM-6:00PM Depending on if your lunch hour is required, it’s time to head home
    • 5:00PM-7:00PM Drive home in Rush Hour adding one additional Hour to your day

Coffee is for Closers, Mr. Durden

Office Politics

One time, when I was about two months into a new job, I was put into a corner cubicle office quite a distance away from the team, and my manager noticed that I rarely ventured out to communicate with our department.  So an impromptu meeting was held and we went around the table asking what each others names were.  But there was a catch: as we went around the table, each person after would have to remember a hobby of theirs.  So the last person had to repeat all the hobbies of each person and also say their name.  Guess what?  I was put last, and luckily I missed only two names.  Should be of note that the team in place there didn’t have a new hire until I was there.

I quit two months later for a remote job and to this day remember each person’s names (first and last), their hobbies, interests, and families for the remote company.  While I get what my manager at the time was doing, it’s that kind of forced socializing that made me switch to a remote position. (plus the two hour commute) – Ex-Cubicle Worker

Does anyone have a funny office politics story?  Let us know below with a comment!

CoWork versus Remote Work

Depending on your life’s situation, for example, if you have children, a remote position isn’t as easy or comfortable as it sounds.  You’ll have to watch your children sometimes, get work done, do the laundry, etc.  A shared or co-working office, on the other hand, offers the remote environment feel of your office without the distraction.  Of course, you’d have to pay for daycare for your kids, and the laundry won’t get done automatically, but quality work is essential to retaining those remote positions.  Other benefits of a shared office:

  1. Free Internet (At decent speeds)
  2. Can be close to where you live (cutting commute)
  3. Tax-deductible (if self-employed)
  4. More focus is given everyone there is working for something

When looking for a Co-working or shared space, there are a few reputable companies that offer some advantages.  Companies like Regus, provide a low monthly plan of around $50/month for access to any Regus office worldwide, and WeWork offers millennial-esque working spaces.  Local shared offices (just type in “Shared Offices Near Me” in a Google Search) and you’ll find some that offer Beer, Wine, Snacks, and other cool benefits.  Most of these places do offer free coffee, so no need to bring your mug to work!


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