Renting a Place on Craigslist – Avoid These Pitfalls

When it comes to real estate, there are plenty of rules and regulations when it comes to buying and selling.  Things get even trickier when it comes to renting out a place for those who are willing to do so.  Airbnb is a great option for those who want to leave their home temporarily, whether that be for a vacation or trip abroad.  If you are the renter, it’s best to be skeptical before making any rash decisions when it comes to renting or staying at a place.

Craigslist is still an O.K. Option

Let’s face it if you want to sell something or get rid of something the first place you think of is Craigslist, not OfferUp (just yet).  This means there will always be new postings about new things for sale or homes to rent.  Craigslist has generated the reputation of sketchy users and fake postings.  Just type into YouTube: Scary Craigslist Stories and you’ll be sure to be turned off on craigslist forever!

Al Bundy on Craigslist

Interested in Al Bundy’s Massages?

Precautions to take BEFORE you inquire about a place

These apply to not only craigslist but any service including Zillow, Realtor, and other Rental Services!

Verify Realtor is licensed!

There are some cases where a so-called real estate agent will show you an empty house but turn into a horror story when it’s a fake agent showing an abandoned house in foreclosure and earning money illegally.  Try to work with a realtor on most cases.  There are exceptions like working with the person in charge of an apartment building.

Price too well?  Probably a fishy place

If there’s a listing where the rent is affordable, and the house is in a location that is desirable or just looks impressive inside, or a combination of all of these…it’s probably too good to be true.  Here’s the ultimate reality when it comes to real estate:  There are NOT many bargains to be made in the rental field.  To get a bargain you need a connection, or just get extremely lucky.  Don’t bet on either.

Is a supposed “Agent” asking for money now?

No, you don’t need to send money to Egypt for a social security check.  And no, it should never be an option to get money unless you have signed the contract!  No exceptions!

Craigslist Scam

A Craigslist User Upset About a Scam

Apps to help your Rental Search

At this point, you are likely convinced to explore options when it comes to your online search for a rental. So, here are some great apps to help you find the best place:

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Regardless of what app you use, keep in mind of all the pitfalls and scams that come with a rental (or even home buying).  Before any type of correspondence,  ask yourself “is this a scam?”

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