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doTerra Scam? Look inside!

Selling essential oils, or as we’d like to call them, really nice smelling liquids has become somewhat of a hot sell lately.  We’ve seen them a lot of social groups and campaigns from influencers and Facebook friends alike.

Is doTerra a Scam?

doTerra operates much like an MLM or Pyramid scheme, letting others sell the products for them as the resellers make a profit on them.  It’s a legitimate business, so it’s not entirely a scam.  Albeit, it’s not the most efficient way to re-seller products.  We’ve written about “It Works” a sports accessory that is neither proven to work or be worth the cash up front.  There’s a common bond herein that these products are somewhat safe to sell and little risk to the re-seller.  Also, these products seem to claim health benefits, although nothing is proven. Even the whole organic certification from doTerra is also objectionable, was proven to be purchased from the company itself.  It’s not that we don’t like doTerra products, but it’s inefficient, and like other MLMs, it’s quite insecure because one day you could be selling these like hotcakes and the next the products could be recalled or banned due to an upset MLM customer or lawsuit.

doTerra Essential oils, good enough for you and your family?

Like all MLM / Pyramid Schemes, You Should be Doing This Instead

Perhaps it’s the knowledge that these companies know you don’t know the method I’ll tell you, but the truth is that you’ll be much much better off becoming an affiliate marketer than a traditional MLM product re-seller.

Affiliate Marketing is referring people to products and getting a commission for your referral.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, it’s nearly identical to what you may be doing as a doTerra re-seller, but Affiliate Marketing is free, there’s no limit to what you can refer customers to.  And you’ll be happy to realize that even Amazon itself has an Affiliate Marketing program so you could refer people to Amazon products, or in this case…Essential Oils on Amazon with Actual Five Star Reviews!!

There’s no cost to be an affiliate marketer, which also makes it a better alternative altogether.  Plus you aren’t involved in a pyramid scheme; you’ll won’t be reselling, you’ll be referring potential customers to what you like to buy and not forced to re-sell because you bought into a program.

We’ve written up several ways to get started in our Hack Affiliate Marketing category, so get started and let us know if you need help getting started! (No, there’s no fee)

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