Earn Money Passively (By Just Being You)

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Passive Money

You’ve heard the saying, “just be yourself and the rest will follow.”  Regarding Money Hacks, this can also be true.  But first, let’s help you find some ways to let you do this.  It’s more rewarding than ever just to be yourself.

App that Rewards Dining Out

If you utilize a credit card to dine out, you should let DOSH determine where you should go next.  All you do is download the app, scan your credit card, and you’ll find restaurants local to you with the opportunity to earn money back, just by eating there.  Be sure to use the credit card linked to the app to receive this money back.  Take it even further and get up to 4% back on dining using the new UBER Credit Card we wrote about.

Trim Your Cable Bill Seamlessly

If you were tricked into buying a cable package, allowing a TV set into your home, you probably have the thing collecting dust.  Or maybe you just don’t use TV that much.  Either way, the cutting cable movement is real and warranted.  These days the internet is more important than Cable TV so why not have a friend on your side to help you negotiate your cable/internet bill for you.  Enter, Trim, the Cable Bill Negotiating Robot.  All you do is link your Cable Account to the Trim App, and you’ll let this Robot do the talking and get you your money back should there be an interruption in service or any surcharges unwarranted.

Have a 401(k) or 403(b) from Employment?

If you have a job that offers matching 401k funding, or you just like to fund a 401(k) account, you need to consider blooom.  Automatically your 401(k) plan will be optimized using their technology getting you more money in the program for when you are ready to retire.  The first month is free when you use our link!

Buy Stuff Without Buyer’s Remorse

Ever buy into a great deal on a product only to be outmatched the next day or week.  In today’s e-commerce world, price changes are becoming standard and a way for retailers to earn more revenue through different times of the year.  Protect yourself with Earny the app that will get you price change refunds should there be any.  Link up your Macy’s, Kohl’s, Amazon accounts and be notified of any pending potential price change refunds.  Let the app handle the grunt work and get you your money back seamlessly.

No More Waiting for Payday

Every two weeks at a typical full-time job is the designated pay day.  For a few people, the wait for money is distracting, after all, you worked that day and didn’t get rewarded.  Sure a large paycheck feels nice on that particular day, but what if you spread your paycheck out every day you worked.  Every day would feel like the payday!  Enter Earnin (formerly Activehours), the new app that allows you to connect your timesheet, UBER or Lyft business, and other ways you get paid to set every day the payday!

Using these five unique apps will give you more time and money back, a bargain in this economy!

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