Earny Review: Price Drops on Stuff You Bought = Money Back to You!

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We’ve found in our trials and through feedback that Earny works, but is sparatic. It’s not exactly clear when and how you’ll receive refunds if you don’t have an applicable credit card. Rendering this app into a Credit Card Sign Up site rather than a useful app. Still, it works when you can link it properly.
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Shopping online has become the number one place to spend money these days.  Looking for ways to save more online is something online shoppers have become accustomed to.  From searching multiple coupon sites, going to cash back rebate sites, and using smart apps to help them find deals, there will always be new ways to save online.  After all the searching we’ve done thus far, we’ve seen several apps that will help you, almost automatically, save money!  The one we’re excited about is Earny.

How Earny Works!

So Earny is a price change refund negotiator that will scan your receipts via email and find potential products that have had price drops.  What that means is if you purchased a TV for example and days later after your purchase, the price went down, even more, Earny will fight to get you the price change difference!  Lots of people don’t even know that you can be protected from price changes like this, but Earny’s mission is to let you know it’s possible…and very easy to do!

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Link Your Email

Once you’ve linked your Earny App to your primary Email address, they’ll scan previous purchases.  Depending on where you’ve bought your product you can be protected from 7 through 120 days!  Credit Cards like Barclay’s Arrival defend you up to 120 days, whereas some do not protect you at all!  Earny does a good job letting you know which cards are applicable for extended price change protection so no need to worry!


Your Price Change Refund Potential Can Add Up!

We’ve received multiple emails where we could claim up to $80.  And it’s not the only month where we’ve gotten this claim, so potentially there are a lot of savings to be had with Earny!

Is Earny Safe?

We recently posted about apps and their security ratings.  Earny is a safe service, not a scam at all, but you’ll still give out your email address, and therefore we rated it a 9 out of 10 regarding safety.  There’s always risk involved with many things in life, but the reward here is constant savings!

Earny Price Change RefundsTry Earny Today and Save Every Month!

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