eBay Buying and Selling Tips

It’s not a secret that eBay along with Amazon is the two most significant eCommerce sites in the galaxy.  But with Amazon’s Snow Ball effect in full, grabbing companies like Whole Foods, eBay knew that there is always something they’d have to do to keep up with the competition.  Shopping on eBay has become more about deals rather than reselling used goods.  Although we still recommend eBay as a reselling marketplace, buying on eBay can be rewarding also.

Tips When Buying on eBay

eBay Bucks: What Are They?

An often overlooked and used function of being loyal to eBay is their Bucks program.  Simply put, the more you shop on eBay, you get a little money back in the form of eBay Bucks.  Spend a ton of money on the site?  You could get a bunch of things for free after a few purchases!  You can only re-spend the eBay bucks only on eBay, but given the wide variety of products on the marketplace, including used goods and auctions, using these eBay Bucks shouldn’t be much of a hassle!

ebay bucks


Price Match Guarantee

Over the past year, eBay has introduced their Price Match Guarantee.  Of course, there are stipulations they do NOT apply to the regular auctions, but rather the eBay Deals page.  In doing so, they can match prices from significant retailers right from the online deal page!

ebay price match guarantee

Best Offer Option

Often overlooked, you can select this function when you are ready to purchase a particular product.  Look through other similarly priced items and then sort out the ones that offer Best Offer capability.  You never know what will resonate with the seller!  Generally speaking; however, low-balling is frowned upon.  On the other hand, when someone lists on eBay, they are trying to get rid of that product, so take advantage.

Sort by Low Price + Shipping

You may be ready to buy a product, but the easiest way to find the deal is to sort through low price and shipping.  Remember, shipping is an extra cost for the seller, and sometimes there is no cap on the cost to charge a buyer here.  Avoid it by sorting out the best-priced options that include shipping.

eBay Customer Support – No More

If you are looking for a person to contact for issues regarding selling or buying, you’ll find yourself a bit frustrated.  Instead, use eBay’s Community feature to find an answer.  There you’ll find a group of active users who have likely experience an issue similar to yours.  You’ll be pleased to know that eBay offers guarantees on most purchases, so if there is anything wrong with the product, as a buyer, you’ll be protected.  As a seller…not so much!

Refurbished is OK (most of the time)

Sometimes when you look through items, you’ll see things, for example, electronics to be labeled as refurbished.  This means that the product has been reconditioned to its normal function.  But because there is a bit of misconception here, it could be that the product was returned without reason, or without any issue to the product.  A refurbished product is almost always inspected by the seller to fit factory conditions, all at a substantial discount.  Have a faulty refurbished product?  Remember, eBay’s Buyer Return Policies protect you!

Oh and About eBay Bucks Again…

There are always eBay Bucks promotions going on.  Within the past month, there have been boosts to how much eBay Bucks you can get back.  In some cases, if you are subscribed to eBay’s newsletter, you can get theses promotions sent directly to your email!

ebay bucks promotion
See this older eBay Bucks Promotion

Tips When Selling on eBay

So you are selling your stuff on eBay and wondering just how much they take when you are selling your stuff.  Well, it’s reasonably straightforward.  You’ll need to:

  • Have a decent Smartphone for pictures
  • Sell Items for Feedback Ratings
  • Ship Quickly!!
  • Decent Printer for Labels
  • Scissors
  • Scotch and Packing Tape
  • Measuring Tape for Box Measurements
  • Packaging wrap for protection

How Much Does eBay Take from Each Item Sold?

If you are seeking a way to calculate the exact number eBay would take when your goods are sold, you are in luck!  There’s a little-known tool that eBay hosts:  The Fee Calculator.  The tool is located somewhere within the eBay site. 

UPDATE 2018:  eBay has removed the Final Fee Calculator.  Or we couldn’t locate it anymore.  Either way, we’ve found user-friendly alternatives here:

  • http://finalfeecalc.com/
  • http://www.newlifeauctions.com/calc.html

Find additional eBay seller fee information here!


ebay fees ranging

Other Fees Apply

You can be charged additional fees if you bold your auction or offer to list through eBay.  There are also several other premium add-ons that will help your auction listing rank better that cost additional money.

Don’t Forget the PayPal Fee

eBay’s partnership with PayPal goes way back.  PayPal does indeed take a nominal fee of 2.9% making the potential total charges involved to be approximately 13%.  This isn’t bad considering the stuff was lying on the ground.

Approximately 13% of Total Fees Involved

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