Entertainment Coupon Book – Still Relevant? Yes!

For those who were born before the 2000’s, you may not remember how a family typically saved when going out to eat or going out for fun.  Before Groupon or LivingSocial, you could say the 80’s-90’s comparison would be the Entertainment Coupon Book.

Entertainment Coupon Book – Deals Everywhere!

Entertainment, the company behind the coupon book work(ed) much like Groupon, they’d often recruit deals from merchants and travel sites to get you extreme savings, should you end up purchasing their Entertainment Coupon book for a small fee.

entertainment books

These coupon books were often specific to a local area, going as far as your local town.  Yes, you’ll find deals for Redwood City California, to a small town like Marlton New Jersey.  Representatives were fairly aggressive in getting deals for each potential customer, thus the popularity of these books in the 1990’s.

Coupons Still Relevant Today!

As you are probably aware, coupons or promo codes are still well alive and kicking these days, just more popular in a different format:  Digital.  Sure you can print out the Groupon deal you purchased but can you remember the last time you had something in your hand and handed it to a cashier or waitress?  (not at the grocery store)

You can find a vast array of digital coupons at these websites:

  • RetailMeNot
  • Honey
  • Deals2Buy
  • Slickdeals
  • Hip2Save

Printed Coupons Still Work Well

The discounts that something like the Entertainment Coupon Book provides is significant when it comes to eating out or shopping.  You’ll still find discounts up to 205-50% on popular places you’d probably end up shopping at.  Plus there are many other coupons for free movie tickets and free mini golf rounds in these types of books.

For a small price of $8-$ ten these coupon books are well worth the price, and if you like spending time out of the house with your family or going out, the Entertainment Coupon Book is worth a look.

As it turns out, we have a great deal on this book right now!

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Looking for a Coupon Book Alternative?

There are a few other printed coupon books around out there.  One major one we’ve found to be of great use is the Save Around Coupon Book found at many school fundraisers.  You’ll find similar local discounts including restaurants and entertainment activities as well.  Plus, they have a unique Android and iOS app that will help benefit you on the road without the book in hand!

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