Collecting Ketchup? Even More Unique Ways to Save

Many consumers will save money so they can invest in a high-ticket item, such as a computer, car or home. Of course, you can always get a loan or credit card to pay for these items, but it will only drive up your debt. So, if you are determined to save money, you will need to start as soon as possible. Some consumers will clip coupons so that they can decrease their monthly spending on groceries, cosmetics and cleaning products. While this is a great way to save money, some consumers will end up spending more on newspapers and magazines than they save. Below, you will discover some of the unique things some consumers have reported doing to save money.

Collect Condiment Packets

Some restaurants will allow their customers to collect their condiment packets. These condiments can include anything from ketchup to mustard to mayonnaise. Now, to obtain these condiments, you will need to enter the restaurant. Of course, restaurants do not appreciate non-paying customers to help themselves to their condiments. However, if you are determined to reduce the money you usually spend on condiments, you will need to collect them in-person.

Plus who doesn’t love staching packets away for potential pranks and jokes!

No Ketchup Needed Here!

Never Buy Soft Drinks

Thousands of people around the world drink up to four sodas a day. In the United States, a 12-pack of soda will average around $4, depending on the brand. In some countries, a 12-pack could cost up to $6. If you purchase a soft drink in a disposable cup from a restaurant or convenience store, you should expect to pay at least $2. If you are accustomed to buying a 12-pack of soda twice a week, you could save up to $8 a week by omitting it from your grocery list.

If you do dine in at a restaurant, do not order soft drinks, order water with lemon instead. This will also cut your expenses significantly.

Invest In Cryptocurrency

If you are looking for a long-term investment with significant profit potential, you should consider investing in cryptocurrencies. When considering investing in cryptocurrency, you must not set your goals too high. This is a long-term investment that may take months or years to pay off. And, while this solution may work for some people, it may not work for you. Taking advantage of Nucleus vision price prediction will help improve your chances of having success in the cryptocurrency market.

Collect Curbside Items

When in need of a new piece of furniture, instead of going into debt, you should consider curbside freebies. Many people will place an ad in the newspaper or on classified websites (like OfferUp) for items that they are going to giveaway. They will often put these items at the end of their curbside, so people can drive by to pick them up. This means no interaction with the person giving them away and free items that are most often in excellent condition.  Good news for introverts, huh?!

NegotiationThese giveaways could include anything from furniture, appliances, clothing, and toys. If you continuously watch for new ads to be placed in your local newspaper and online, you could very well gain access to these freebies first.

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