Extremely New and Unique Work From Home Ideas

It’s not hard to find a list of side gigs and work from home ideas from bloggers and news sources.  What is hard is to find genuinely unique ideas that may pique your interest when it comes time to apply for your work from home time into potential side money or even full-time income.  We continually try to find the best side hustles around so that we have the latest and greatest Money Hacks in the biz.

Below are Five Unique Work From Home Side Hustle Ideas that most bloggers don’t advertise!  Let’s take a look.

Unique Work From Home Opportunities

1:  Wildlink

OK, we admit we’re REALLY excited about Wildlink.  Not many people have tried this app yet, and we believe in a few months, or years that many more people will be using this type of app.

So what does the Wildlink app do?  Essentially, it empowers you to become a Travel Agent, E-Commerce Salesperson and more just by referring links to your friends or potential business partners.  Still confused?  Let’s use this example of how to use Wildlink:

  1. Let’s say your sister is about to book a cruise to the Bahamas
  2. Tell her to WAIT HOLD ON! Let me load WILDLINK!
  3. Go to Wildlink App
  4. Find the Cruise Your Sister wants through Expedia or other Travel Website located through the Wildlink App
  5. Once found, copy the URL on the Browser (HOLD and Select Copy)
  6. Send it to your sister via EMAIL or TEXT
  7. Your Sister then Books the Cruise from that link
  8. You earn money!
  9. Do this with any sort of Online Retailer or Travel Site!

What Wildlink does is make an average person an Affiliate Marketer!  In the past, you would require a blog or business to do this, but with Wildlink you are empowered with one of the web’s most used marketing tools around!

Income Potential:  $100 – $100000/mo

2:  Referrizer

Affiliate Marketing is a concept that has been around for several years now and powers many e-commerce businesses, blogs and news sources.  But how about local and small businesses like Restaurants, Hair Salons, and others?  Remember: Affiliate Marketing is merely a way for someone to refer others to a store and in turn, they could make money.  

Referrizer is a unique company in that you can empower small businesses to allow fellow customers to refer a restaurant and they’ll be rewarded with a commission.  You’ll act as a small business advocate and recruit small businesses to enable this marketing aspect!  Here’s what we mean:

  1. You Sign Up with Referrizer
  2. You Get A Restaurant to Sign Up and Implement (Referrizer takes care of that)
  3. A Customer Comes in and likes the Restaurant
  4. Restaurant tells Customers They Can Refer Others Through Facebook and Earn Money
  5. You Earn Money Each Time Restaurant Keeps Referrizer

This is a unique opportunity that many are not taking advantage of because it’s a tad complicated.  Be the educator, and middleman of Referrizer and you could earn a stable living if you recruit many local businesses!

Income Potential: $50-$10000/mo

3:  Sell Your Photos

Everyone has a smartphone with a decent camera, and yet only a few people take this advantage as a businessperson.  You can certainly make money selling quality pictures using these services:

  • Foap
  • IconZoomer
  • JobSpotter (by Indeed)
  • Snapwire
  • Stylinity

Although it appears easy at first, you should probably realize the people who have years of photography experience have an edge in this type of opportunity.  Why?  People don’t buy generic and common images.  After all, many bloggers and websites use Free Stock websites like Pexels and Pixabay for their imagery.  You can stand out, however, by taking high quality and striking images where you can imagine a blogger or business utilizing them down the road!

Income Potential:  $5-$500/mo

4:  Rev (Transcribing)

Well, you may have heard of this side gig but have you heard of Rev?  Other Transcribing services are overcrowded and you’ll have a tough time getting them not only due to higher restrictions but overall demand for this type of work.  People will always need transcribing of videos and audio files because of legal and educational purposes.  To take advantage of Transcribing opportunities like the one Rev.com offers, you’ll need:

  • Fast Typing Skills
  • Fast Computer
  • Quality Headset
  • Reliable Internet
  • Understanding of Language (whichever the transcription is in)

You can make a career or a side job out of this type of work and build skills as a writer along the way!

Income Potential: $10-$500/mo

5:  Writer

Another somewhat common gig is being a Freelance Writer.  The kicker with this sort of job is that you’ll need to find many clients to remain successful.  Luckily, people suck at English, so there’s plenty of hope within this arena.  Also, people are often intimidated by this type of work because of proofreading and editorial concerns.  Let me eliminate those concerns by telling you there will always be a market for writers because of these very concerns!  If you market yourself correctly, you can find consistent work within the Freelance writing field in no time!  Here are some popular avenues where writers tend to gather clients:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer.com
  • Social Media (through Facebook Groups)
  • Upwork.com
  • College Bulletins

Many successful bloggers are freelance writers with other companies so that they can refine their skills and apply them to a business.

Income Potential: $100-$5000/mo

Working From Home

It’s not easy finding work from home jobs, but these are exciting times.  The internet has changed the employment field forever.  It may be that gigs and side work will become the norm.  Get a foot in the door by trying out these amazing side hustle ideas today!

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