Hey You, Super Fan! Here’s How to Save on Fanatics.com

Fanatics.com is the ultimate destination for all sports lovers on the lookout for official sports apparel and choicest sports accessories.  Being one of America’s most prominent online retailer of licensed sportswear and fan gears, it houses the world’s most extensive collection of official sports apparel, accessories and equipment from all possible famous leagues, teams, and players that a sports lover and fan can ask for!

What the heck fan!
It’s a no-brainer!

Some of the leagues featured on Fanatics.com are NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA, NHL and many more. Fans can find the most comprehensive range of apparel, gears, and merchandise from these leagues on the online store.

Thus, Fanatics serves sports fans of the broadest range of sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, lacrosse and several more. Undoubtedly the store is a hot favorite for millions of sports fans.

Even though the merchandise on Fanatics are of premium quality, official and licensed, and therefore one expects the cost to be on the higher range, yet there are several ways to save on EVERY purchase made from Fanatics.

There are Always Sales

For starters, the online store itself offers various discounts and sales throughout the year. Anyone dropping by on fanatics.com at any given season of the year is sure to spot a variety of Sales, ‘Deals and Steals’, and discount coupons being offered on the official store website itself. The range of Sale and discounts often are as high as 60 – 70% on EVERY eligible purchase! Their separate section called ‘Deals and Steals’ further showcase enticing deals and discounts on premium fan gear products all year round.

Besides Fanatics’ in-house deals and coupons, one can also find a great many third-party websites offering different coupons and discount codes that can be encased in purchases made on fanatics.com.

Loyalty through FanCash

Fanatics.com has another unique feature called the FanCash. This merchandise credit is offered under the Fanatics Rewards, available to the Fanatics members only. One can join the membership for FREE and earn 3% FanCash on EVERY purchase. FanCash thus accumulated over a period can be redeemed against any eligible future purchase.   Further, under the same Reward system, the store offers exclusive ‘members only’ deals around the year. Joining the Fanatics group is the surest way to save on EVERY purchase.

Also, members are allowed early bird access to Sales and Deals, which ensures one to grab the best of merchandise on Sale, at a much more affordable price, and long before nonmembers can.
To top it, the Fanatics Rewards can give one some exceptional fan experiences at sports events, games and matches from the great leagues and also vis-à-vis one’s favorite players and teams.
FanFriday is another such great feature the online store offers once a month. On one Friday each month, the store gives away special prizes, freebies, and giveaways to the fans. This too is one of the membership perks. So, to save more and get lucrative freebies, be sure to sign up for their membership. The process is straightforward, and just as the official store website says, it comes with “no strings attached.” You need to just create a Fanatics.com account at the time of check out. This enrolls you into the membership automatically. You can also become a member by just clicking to join Membership from the Rewards page. Members get instant access to the benefits, every time they log in to their account. You also immediately begin earning FanCash on every eligible purchase.

Last but not the least, Fanatics offers FREE International shipping on all purchases above $99. If you are an International customer who wants to save on every purchase, just purchase the mentioned amount, and in return, you save the entire international shipping cost!

With so many lucrative offers and easy ways to save on every purchase made at Fanatics, the store is sure to gladden every fan(atic) heart immensely!

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