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Hacking Affiliate Marketing isn’t as hard as you think.  If you have ever referred a friend or family member to a product or service and they ended up buying it; as a result, you may be an affiliate marketer without even knowing it!  For example, let’s say you refer your friend Jennifer to a pair of jeans from Kohls.  Jennifer ends up buying the pair of jeans through the Kohl’ interface.  In most cases, when that happens nothing is compensated for you, however, if you were an affiliate marketer you could bridge your Kohl’s partnership and earn the commission should Jennifer purchase another pair through your referral again!  Quite plainly, affiliate marketing is the technical way to do this.  Use this method as an alternative to selling products from home like AVON or Lularoe, or become the next great blog and rank on Google!

Guess Who Makes at Least $100K a Month Doing this?

  • Krazy Coupon Lady
  • Making Sense of Cents
  • The Penny Hoarder
  • Could you be next?

Face it, this isn’t a quick way to earn money but you could build a business entirely around affiliate marketing.  If you are popular or have a following you need to be doing this.  Let’s see how to get started:

Step 1:  Build a site or platform to sell or refer products from

If you have a following through a social network and you haven’t utilized affiliate marketing, you can!  If not, look to build out your campaigns through a website.  The best way to do this is a blog.    Focus on a niche or market that you are genuinely passionate about.  Yes, that’s right, people will notice if you aren’t excited about it and the conversions will not follow.  Like shopping online?  Start an online deal site like the way KrazyCouponLady does.  Social media can also be leveraged should you have a following based on your personality and passion!

Step 2:  Find products through an Affiliate Network

One of the major pain points of becoming an affiliate marketer is finding the right products that fit your following.  There is a solution.  FlexOffers, an affiliate network, provides products ranging from Groupon, Kohls, Newegg, Best Buy, Etsy and much much more.  Since you won’t have to join multiple networks, which can be recommended once you are a pro affiliate marketer, FlexOffers has everything you need right there in front of you.

FlexOffers Featured Programs

Step 3:  Apply to programs through the network

Using FlexOffers as an example, you’ll be able to apply to programs.  Some may take a bit to review your application, and in many cases, these reviews consist of making sure you are a legit person, an also an excellent source of organic (natural and not bogus) referrals.  Before you apply be sure to review the terms and conditions of each program, sometimes an application will restrict a specific promotional method like buying AdWords campaigns.  You can also see the commission rate attached to the program.  The commission rate is what you’ll be making if someone ends up buying your product through a referral (affiliate) link.

FlexOffers Terms

Step 4:  Approved for a program?  Start using links!

Affiliate links are the guts of any affiliate marketing aspect.  It’s what bridges you from the referral to the commission.  When someone clicks on a referral or affiliate link, there is a cookie transferred.  No personal information is transferred through the cookie, only the click ID that identifies the user from the network.  To put it simply, the click acts as a connection between purchase and the network, again in this case FlexOffers.   To get a link, it will work the same amongst most major affiliate networks:

  • Find the approved program by search or use the Links menu option
  • Click the Approved checkbox
  • Hit the Orange Search button
  • See your authorized links
  • Sort by advertiser by typing them into the advertiser search box

Tip:  An advertiser is the host of products, for example, Groupon is an advertiser.  In affiliate marketing, there is the advertiser (merchant) and the publisher (blog or one who posts the affiliate links)

Links via FlexOffers

From this area you’ll see a few things, you’ll see the HTML code, which would include the text you would put in front of the link or even a graphic.  You can consider this option should you want paste a sale or promotion directly into your website’s code area.  For now, let’s focus on the link portion.  The link is in the HTML but hidden somewhat.  If you click on the Link tab on you’ll note the affiliate link shows up.  The affiliate link here is “https://track.flexoffer…..fos=1″ the other text right after, rel=”nofollow,” is not technically the affiliate link and can be disregarded.  (For that more savvy nofollow is a proper function of SEO).

FlexOffers Tracking Link

Step 5:  Keep going and build your following

Most affiliate marketers start up and go away within the first few weeks.  It’s tough to convert sometimes when a user knows you are pushing another’s products.  Leverage your networks reporting options and find out who is clicking on your links!  Through passion, being technically savvy, and willing to be consistent there may be no better way to make money online than affiliate marketing.  Afterall, if you have ever clicked on a link and were brought to another page, you may have been involved in affiliate marketing yourself!  To get started try using FlexOffers, it’s an excellent place to start!

Need More Help? Ask! We offer Affiliate Marketing Coaching and Consulting at a low cost to you.  If you are a beginner, no worries all you need is the drive to start.  Website’s like MoneyHax, Retail Me Not and more have all started producing revenue by utilizing Affiliate Marketing.  For more info, hop over to the About Us page to find out why we do what we do.  

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Sunaina 2017-11-09 12:16:46
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Great content. Keep spreading your useful knowledge with us.

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Hipcraft 2017-11-05 06:21:26
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Flexoffers, Amazon Associates, etc are all right programs, but I think a lot of people miss on Ebay's affiliate program. One thing that is often missed for many getting in to affiliate marketing is that they get a % of the sale--- when promotions happen throughout the year (eg Black Friday, etc), that oftentimes actually works against the affiliate marketer. This is because of the promotion price, you get the same percentage, just of a lower-priced item. Going back to Ebay''s affiliate program, the sale price almost always increases (due to bids) which can provide a fairly generous commission in some cases. Many times product prices on ebay are competitively priced w/ items on Amazon, etc. So why would someone ever choose to build a niche site (and affiliate marketing plan) promoting products which could produce you a lower commission than you had planned (due to the advertiser's promotion schedule) if you could, instead, promote the product on ebay where payouts would start at a planned price with the potential increase payment? That's what I wanna know.