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If you ever dreamed of earning money by doing almost nothing, you’ll be pleased to know that MoneyHax has your back.  There are several apps out there willing to give you incentives for you to try them out, including FREE MONEY NOW! Most of these, if not all are easy to download, sign up for, and get the cash today!

Free Money Opportunities:

Acorns – $5

If you are new to the investing game, you’ll be pleased to know that Acorns is a super easy way to get started investing your money.  Acorns operate as a spare change investor.  Say you go to the Gas Station and spend 21.50 on your purchase, Acorns will ask if you’d like to utilize the other .50 cents through their app.  It’s that simple!  A new feature adds Found Money, where if you shop at specific online stores or retailers you get money invested into your Acorns account automatically!

Sign up for Acorns ($5 Bonus)
Acorns Found Money

Debitize – $10

Turn your credit card into a debit card and reap better rewards like points and cash back.  You’ll be paying your bill monthly automatically using this app plus they’ll give you $10 to try (exclusive offer)

Try Debitize ($10 Bonus)

Swagbucks – $5

Like to take surveys, watch videos, play games, or earn money back by shopping?  Enter Swagbucks, the popular marketplace for sweet gigs and deals. As a bonus, you’ll get $5 added to your account just by signing up!

Sign up for Swagbucks ($5 Bonus)

Swagbucks Deal With it!
We’re not done (Deal with it!)

StockPile – $5

Want to invest in Amazon or Apple but the stock is just too unaffordable right now?  No excuses with StockPile, the app that will let you invest in cool stocks for just $5.  We have an exclusive $5 gift just for you!

Stockpile $5

Sign up for StockPile ($5 Gift of Stock)

Stash – $5

Much like Acorns, Stash Invest App is a great way to get into investing.  Set a budget of $5 or more to invest daily, weekly, monthly, and invest using Stash’s investment plans.  Get $5 on them just to start!  How to get the ball rolling:

  • Download the app using the button below
  • Set up your Stash account (use your Phone Number)
  • Start investing and build your portfolio

Sign up for Stash ($5 Bonus)

ibotta – $10

Love shopping for Groceries…even Beer?  Good thing you can redeem coupons and cash back easily with ibotta.  It’s as simple as scanning your receipt after your eligible purchases.  Find offers, go shopping, scan receipt, redeem for cash!

ibotta scan

Sign up for ibotta ($10 Bonus)

Ebates – $10

Much like ibotta, but only online, Ebates will pay you money to shop.  Shop online through their portal and get cash back on particular merchants and retailers.  By signing up and purchasing anything over $29, you’ll get the $10 bonus gift card!

Sign up for Ebates ($10 Gift Card Bonus)

Total Amount Earned Today: $50

Free Money Now Pinterest

Not bad for little effort!  Have any other ideas or suggestions for Free Money Opportunities?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I tried signing up for Acorns but it seems like it’s only available for users in the US and Australia. Too bad, I was really interested in trying it out. Are the others available internationally or is it restricted like Acorns? I hope more apps are developed for a global audience soon.

  2. This is awesome. I only think about going online for work or for some entertainment. Well I make money online but I am not familiar with these apps. These are great to up my income.

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