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Fuel Rewards Can Save You 5c on Every Gallon of Shell Gas

You can save just by being loyal to one gas brand.  Sure, you can take credit card offers that save you on gas, but outside of fuel, most of the cards provide little additional perks.  Shell seems to have an answer with their loyalty program, Fuel Rewards.  Sign up, and automatically save 5 cents on every single gallon you purchase through Shell.  Yes, it is that simple.  The benefits of this type of loyalty program are that you don’t need to accumulate points, unlike the way Plenti Rewards works.

Full Tank
Yay! Full Tank!

Boost Per Gallon Savings

There are additional saving options when it comes to the Fuel Rewards program at Shell.  Link any credit card (Discover excluded), and you may earn supplementary per gallon savings.

  • Shop at participating grocery stores
  • Dine at participating restaurants
  • Participating hotel and car rentals
  • Fuel Rewards Online Shopping Portal
Fuel Rewards "Gallons" Back Shopping Portal
Fuel Rewards “Gallons” Back Shopping Portal

Mastercard Bonus

Just by having any Mastercard (Credit Card) you’ll be eligible for an initial bonus on Fuel Rewards.  Perhaps signing up for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus, which is a Mastercard, could help boost even more rewards for you and your family!

Loyalty Alternatives to Fuel Rewards

Shell offers many locations and options to boost your Fuel Rewards savings, but for many, there may not be enough to utilize the program.  There are other options abound!

  • Speedway’s Speedy Rewards
  • BP’s Driver Rewards
  • GasBuddy’s Premium Option
  • Plenti Rewards with Exxon and Mobil (CLOSED)

By linking your (Mastercard) to the Fuel Rewards program by Shell, you’ll be saving money at the pump.  With fluctuating gas prices, it’s nice to have a stable bonus within this kind of expense, therefore we totally recommend you try it!

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