Gazelle Trade In Review- Easy Way to Sell iPhone and Other Devices

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Gazelle Trade In Review
Gazelle Trade-In
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While Gazelle offers fairly low trade-in value for your old phones, it also offers the absolute easiest way to trade in your old electronics bar none.
Trade in Your Phone(s)

Are you considering upgrading your iPhone to the latest model?  Or perhaps you have an interest in another phone?  Either way, selling your used phone is something you should consider!  You’ll be able to use those dollars towards the purchase of your newer phone or save it in general.  Selling your phone these days is easy, plus you don’t have to sell it considering that there are many second-hand uses for old smartphones these days.  Gazelle is a useful online service that will take your old phone off your hands through a seamless dashboard, all done online and through the US mailbox system.

Gazelle’s Trade-In Benefits

If you are seeking top dollar for your phone and can wait a few days, then perhaps Gazelle may not be in your best interest.  Gazelle won’t offer you top dollar where you may get more for your money in other places like OfferUp, LetGo, or eBay.  Here are some reasons why you should consider Gazelle though:

No need to meet

Having been a frugal person, you probably have sold stuff through craigslist and other in person avenues.  You’ll then realize what a pain it is to schedule a meeting…in a safe area.  Gazelle will eliminate this because they’ll offer you a quote, you agree to it, and the rest is pretty much taken care of.

Price Lock

If you’ve described your phone accurately to Gazelle, you’ll be pleased to know that once you agree to a quote, you’ll likely receive that amount through PayPal around 7+ days.  In this world of technological breakthroughs at any given moment, that’s a nice benefit to have!

It’s EASY!

Because you won’t be meeting anywhere, and everything is mailed relatively quickly to your mailbox, it’s easy to send the product right back to Gazelle for your money.  Sure you have to wait a couple of days for the whole thing to commence into your bank account but given the lack of stress in dealing with people, you’ll be pleased with the process!  FYI: you won’t even need tape to send it back!

The Gazelle Process

Once you’ve agreed to sell your phone to Gazelle, it’s straightforward to get your money, but the process is simple and sending it back is a breeze.  Here is what it looks like when you receive the Gazelle box.

Gazelle Box
Open the box and find your packaging and info inside!

You’ll receive the box above within 2-3 business days and it comes with a return label inside.  Other stuff inside includes receipt of the quote, instructions for factory resetting your device (including iPhone devices), packaging so the device won’t get damaged on the route back, and finally a piece of tape for you to close the box with.

gazelle tape
The attention to detail of including the piece of Gazelle tape was impressive!

Finally, slap on the prepaid return label and stick it in the mailbox and you are set.  Once they receive the device back, you’ll get your funds quickly enough, plus you can get an extra 3% if you tell them you’d like it in the form of an Amazon Gift Card!!

Sell your old device with Gazelle today

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