Trim Your Cable and Internet Bill!

It’s no secret that if you are a cable and internet user, you utilize large cable companies that charge you fees and costs that may appear to change every new bill.  Auto-Negotiation is a new trend, and businesses like Billcutterz are helping you fight off unwarranted price changes through your utility and insurance.  In one case, a cable bill was raised to nearly double the price because the individual rate was no longer in effect.  If you notice your cable bill is too high, you should try Trim (or AskTrim).

Johnny 5 is alive

Trim is a fantastic tool that automatically detects savings or price changes on your purchases from Amazon, Kohls, Walmart and more.  Not only that, they’ll look to see if there is room for negotiation on your cable bill, automatically.  On average, Trim has saved an average $30 on their cable negotiation tool.

How it works

Just link up your bill along with some financial info (don’t worry it’s secure) like your banking, and then you’ll be prompted your cable info as well.  They work with most if not all the critical cable carriers, but if you have Comcast, they’ll even look to add credit if there was an outage in your area.

A Real Messenger conversation with Trim

The best part of Trim is that it’s hands off.  No need to have a Comcast Customer Service Call or Chat.  Once you link your account(s), they’ll do the job of price negotiator, so no need to bother a customer service representative, which for many is a great time and money hack!

You may ask, what is their business model?  Well for every credit or change you do receive they take a nominal amount of the modification itself.  Approximately 25% of your savings (not the whole bill itself) will be what the company makes.  So if your cable bill has cut in half, they won’t charge the bill but rather a percentage of the change, typically only a couple of dollars.

Soon Trim includes other services like:

  • Budgeting notifications for overspending
  • Auto Insurance Negotiation (coming soon)

It’s time to let Trim do the talking because at the end of the month your bank account will thank you!

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