Create your own Cell Network and get off the grid with goTenna

The Off Grid Revolution Is Here With goTenna

Wireless communication has been one of the most remarkable discoveries of our lifetime, amplified and made more accessible by our cellular networks. Or to say, restricted and limited by them. Sure, consumer mobile networks have the lion’s share in expanding our ability to communicate over massive expanses of geography, but the dead weight of all its limitations requires something new and profound that will significantly alter wireless telecommunication.

goTenna is now leading the revolution with its off-grid devices that greatly enhance the capability of an ordinary smartphone. GoTenna aids in sending texts and data without having to depend upon traditional telecom infrastructure.  In other words, you don’t need a cell plan to be in communication!

So before you try to write it off as an ordinary “signal enhancer,” let us make it clear that off-grid is the central purpose of goTenna. This states that two mobile devices will communicate end-to-end without having to send the message through some mobile tower or having to route them to a base control station as it is usually done.

There are interesting reasons why your shared cellular communication infrastructure can be a burden, such as low network quality, weather-related hindrances, mobile service prices and most importantly lack of privacy for your data.

goTenna bypasses all these shortcomings with just one single device attached to your iPhone or Android phone, and OFF THE GRID you go.

goTenna Four Pack

Just consider this for a moment:

Private Messaging: No paid texting, no mobile data usage, no Wi-Fi required in the vicinity. All you got to do is to connect a goTenna device to your smartphone and send the message on any of your preferred messaging apps. Your message gets delivered to the end party without having to travel to the routes and ends of network infrastructure or the various layers of the complex internet web.

Data Privacy: Unlike your paid text messaging service, goTenna does not believe in storing information at stations only to be delivered later. Since the messaging is directly point to point, the data is well encrypted, and there is no way any third party can intercept and decrypt the data. Therefore, data privacy is one hundred percent GUARANTEED.

Message Delivered: To add topping to the crust, it also comes with a feature whereby you are informed when the message is finally delivered. When the message reaches the other party, you get a receipt that your message was successfully delivered.

Offline GPS Info Sharing: Switch off that mobile data and switch to goTenna, share and receive any GPS related information from your device with other users. All need is to download an offline map, pin down the location and share it with peer devices. No Wi-Fi, no user data, no traffic congestion and page loading issues!

Create Your Network: When more than two devices combine and communicate without having to depend upon the internet or the telecommunication towers, you have got something remarkably amazing, a private network. GoTennaMesh allows you to communicate with peer devices located far away, overcoming limitations imposed by distances. It uses intermediate devices as relay stations and passes the message from point to point. Remember, your messages are encrypted and secured, and therefore the intermediate devices play only a physical role as relay stations.

goTenna’s innovative approach to mobile communication cannot be emphasized enough in words, and this was a mere light-weight introduction. And to be honest, shelling money ranging from $250 to $300  is way worth more than being chained to the grid and having to operate within the frame.

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