Green Chef- Ordering Food Boxes Like This a Good Idea?

Running out of cooking ideas can happen to anyone, especially those with children.  If you have been searching for new ways to spice up your lunch or dinner, you may have thought about ordering a subscription food box.  Food boxes, like Green Chef, consist of premeasured ingredients for recipes, including refrigerated and frozen products, like Eggs for example.  Because all of the prep work is done, you can put it all together fairly quickly and have a homecooked meal that is probably healthier than taking out.

Benefits of Food Boxes

You could save a lot, and we mean a lot of time by cutting out your grocery shopping and have ingredients laid out for you.  Prep work does account for a lot of time, so don’t let those Tasty videos with quick shakes of hands and ingredients magically producing a delicious result.  Food boxes do not appear but a full grocery list, but rather what is required for the recipe you get to pick out.  For example, if you are receiving a food box for Chicken Caesar Salad, you’ll likely receive the specific portion of ingredients to fulfill that dish for about 2-3 people.  This is also a benefit of not wasting ingredients and may be useful for the environment overall.

Here are some other benefits of Food Box Delivery:

  • No grocery shopping needed
  • Cooking Time is cut in half by avoiding prep
  • Pick the meals you want
  • Try cooking with new ingredients and enhance your cooking skills

Financially, however, these types of services are up to debate.  For one, the time saved could equal to gas saved and time spent on money earning activities.  However, if you add up most of the costs associated with just one week of boxes, you could do the work yourself and save money.  This is the double-edged sword, whereas most people do not do this and where food boxes could still fill a need.

We Tried a Food Box, Outperforming the Competition

There are several brands you can look to order from, most giving you hefty discounts for your first order (since they want to win you over).  Some popular ones:

  • Blue Apron
  • Hello Fresh
  • Hungryroot
  • Plated

Every food box has their unique benefits, like Blue Apron being one of the more popular ones and having the most options.  Hello Fresh is a well-ranked food box that is reasonably priced in the space.  MoneyHax sought out to try them all, and Green Chef reached out to us and let us try their box.  We were blown away by the presentation of the Vegan box we ordered!

Hello Green Chef
A Good Place to Hang Our Hat

Green Chef arrived at our door in all recyclable packaging, even the dry ice that was included was of good quality and was reused for storing some of our other refrigerated products when we went out of town!

Green Chef Ice
Ice to See You Too!

Green Ingredients

Given the stiff competition from the food box delivery business, Green Chef offered some of the freshest ingredients out of all the choices.  Even the Sriracha sauce was organic and the Broccoli, an ingredient that not everyone loves, looked super edible out of the box.  With our box came a card directly from the founder of Green Chef thanking us for their consideration and business.  A nice personal touch that makes sure that we are still connected in industry even though we are just clicks and keystrokes!  Options are available in Keto, Vegan, and more!

If you are interested in trying a Green and Organic option for Food Box Delivery, you should consider Green Chef.  Ever have an experience you like or dislike about ordering a food box?  Let us know below with a comment!

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