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If you shop at least once a week at your local grocery store, there’s a chance you’ll see that reflect on your monthly credit card bill or banking statement.  There are many ways to save, including couponing.  For that, we’ll just refer you to our friends over at Krazy Coupon Lady.

If you are looking for some grocery shopping hacks (hax), here are some products you may be unaware of.

  1. The Flipp App –  We cannot stress how great this app is.  Throw out your paper trails and follow the Flipp app to find all of your local shopping flyers under one roof.  Yes, you can even highlight the items you want to buy!
  2. Ibotta – Find rebates on items you may have purchased and redeemed them for cash on this app.  You can also use Checkout 21, a competitor in this space, so if you are looking to expand on this idea, there you go.
  3. American Express Blue Card Cash Back Preferred – This one requires not only great credit but discipline.  Credit cards are not for everyone.  This American Express card will get you a whopping 6% cash back on every Grocery Shopping visit.  (Walmart and Target are not included in the 6%)
  4. Walmart Savings Catcher – This little-known feature on is a fantastic tool if you have the time.  Just scan your Walmart purchase receipt, and the site will compare the flyers in your area and refund you the difference if they find a lower price elsewhere!
  5. Order online and pick it up at the store – Some places like Walmart and Target offer this and could save you.
  6.  *Bonus* Google search for a local grocery store coupon site – A blog like IHeartPublix, will display exclusive insider tips and deals at a grocery chain like Publix.  Look up your favorite store and add “blog” or “Coupon Site” to the end of it, and you may find a passionate grocery blogger.

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Getting groceries is a pleasurable experience for many, and now with these ways to save money, you’ll probably be even more excited to walk down those aisles.

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