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MoneyHax is a growing personal finance website that is always looking for unique ways to save and earn. Have an idea for a contribution? Let us know!

We accept guest posts only relative to our page’s mission: Help people save and earn through unique value propositions. This topic can be broad including issues like food, culture, and many more. Think you are a fit? Please see more specifications here:

  • We prefer 500-1000 word posts
  • 100% original – cannot copy elsewhere
  • Shorthand writing, no huge paragraphs or sentences
  • We do not traditionally use stock photos, if you can, grab funny gifs or memes
  • Guest Posts are not guaranteed to be shared socially, but we would be open to it!
  • Must write content based in the US Region (Native English)
  • Those who contribute money through PayPal are gratefully accepted

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