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Since we’re already in the sharing economy, why does this not yet apply to the Gym and Fitness world?  We can rent out our car for extra cash, or rent out our place!  Gyms are seemingly a tremendous next step when it comes to sharing.  Well, thanks to our friends at ClassPass, you can now explore many great fitness activities within your area for one monthly subscription.

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You can start learning how to do Yoga one day or join a Wellness class the next.  Pick and choose what you want to do.  Afterall, fitness is not a one size fits all model!  (Thanks to HASfit for that line).  Not everyone is a Gym or Crossfit guy or girl, but why not have the option to be either one?!

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Being healthy is a big part of the balance

If you have the time finding time for fitness you’ll likely see problems with budgeting issues as well.  (Just a generalization)  Fitness could be just a stroll around the corner, or even working out from home.  Either way, finding the time is essential for your mind and soul.  Apps like Classpass help you get on the path of finding the right fitness schedule for you.  We’ve written up on how to work out from home. Also, another great option should you lack time.

Make money being fit

Combine something like Classpass and Healthywage, and you could start to lose weight and possibly earn money doing it!  Healthywage is a new app where you set a fitness goal.  If you reach the fitness goal, you’ll gain cold hard cash!  Of course, if you don’t achieve the goal, you’ll end up losing the bet you’ve initially made on the app.  This will keep you motivated for sure!

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