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With growing Health Care costs all around the nation, it’s hard to budget expenses for health coverage.  Whether or not you have health insurance is a mindset, not just a financial position.  If you need health care, you can look at several apps.

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Talk to a Doctor on your Phone

The days of calling your primary care provider, scheduling an appointment, and sitting in two waiting rooms to visit your doctor are over.

Waiting Room

Curious on how to chat with a Doctor via Text or Video Call?

There are several new apps entering into this space.

  1. HealthTap
  2. Doctor On Demand
  3. Your Local Hospital

It may come to a surprise that your larger trauma based hospital may support an app with the ability to talk to a doctor on demand via smartphone.  The technology is out there and it’s only going to grow from here.

How Do I Get Prescribed Medicine Via Chat?

Once you’ve paid for a subscription or for a single virtual visit, you’ll be seen by a qualified doctor with the ability to diagnose your ailments.   Ask a doctor about your “subclinical acne” or “intestinal” issues without leaving your room or office.

Have a diagnosis that requires a prescription?  You’ll be able to attain one from a provider and bring it to your local pharmacy no problem!  Doctors, however, may reserve the right to ask you to consult someone physically for anything they cannot diagnose.

No More Waiting Rooms!

Want Discounts on Prescriptions?

We have come across an app that allows you to save on every prescription, new or refill.  It works like a traditional discount prescription network but with a simple interface and a ton of options.  It’s time to save at the drugstore (pharmacy)!

Enter, Blink Health, an incredible new service that allows you to shop around, locally, for the best price on your medication.

Sporting a clean interface, Blink Health will get you the pricing and information you need to pick up your prescription within a time frame that fits you.

Blink Health Search

How does Blink Health work?

The service acts almost like MoviePass, whereas once you find your prescription online, and pay for it online on Blink Health, you’ll have access to a payment card. This card is what you show your pharmacy when it comes time to pay.

Blink Health, how it works

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has been prescribed and has an active prescription note can use Blink Health. If you are not insured, do not fret, you’ll also have access to this service. The great part is that there are no membership fees!

But Where does it work?

Blink Health can help you find prescriptions in small pharmacy stores, to larger chains like CVS, just load up the app and find out where you can save the most!  Here are some other places where we’ve seen Blink Health work!

  • Publix
  • CVS
  • Kroger
  • Walmart
  • Safeway
  • Riteaid

Get Prescribed Drugs Delivered to You

An excellent alternative to Blink Health would be Phil.  Phil essentially makes it easy to refill your prescriptions and get them delivered right to your doorstep to little or no extra cost.  Phil makes it easy by providing you with:

  • Medicine delivered right to your door
  • They work with your Doctor, so you don’t have to do any correspondence
  • Schedule refills on your schedule
  • Include other family member’s prescriptions
  • Troubleshooting with any insurance issues

Erectile Dysfunction Issue: Solved!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has now become an easy thing to deal with among the male fraternity due to technological breakthroughs. Ever since the introduction of an online ‘medical center,’ men have found an avenue to deal with their health issues including being prescribed Erection Pills.

Roman is an online company made up a team of professional doctors and pharmacists who are dedicated to offering men diagnosis as well as medication for erectile dysfunction. The idea to begin this company has revolutionized the world and improved the lives of men. Men no longer suffer in silence because there is help online!

How Ordering Erection Pills from Roman Works

As mentioned earlier, GetRoman is a company that offers online medical help to men with erectile dysfunction. The process has been simplified a great deal to encourage men to treat their erectile dysfunction as soon as possible. The process is fast, comfortable, and hassle-free.

  1. You have to select your medical preference – There are those who have choices when it comes to medication. Therefore, you will have to share this with the physicians.
  2. Online visit for five minutes ($15) – You will get an online visit from one of the qualified physicians who will assess your medical history, sexual health, any allergies, and any symptoms present. You will also give information stating whether or not there are medications you are using.
  3. Self-identification – You have to take a picture of yourself as well as a photo ID to verify your identity
  4. Highly qualified and Experienced Physicians Step In – One of the physicians will review the answers you provide to determine the next step. They will learn the safest and best ED medication to prescribe. They may ask you some follow up questions.
  5. Delivery of medication – This is very convenient because the prescribed medications will be delivered right to your door. Roman Pharmacy Network will ship the medicine, and it will be in a discreet package. You will receive automatic refills either monthly or quarterly. Even so, you are free to choose your pharmacy.
  6. Patient support – With Roman, you will get patient support 24/7. When you have questions, you can call the pharmacists or medical team or chat with them.

Obvious Benefits of Utilizing Roman

There are so many reasons why Roman stands out.  These ideas include:

  • Privacy: this is one thing that men with erectile dysfunction value most; their privacy. Since everything is done online and the medicine is delivered right to your door, words cannot get better than this.
  • Trustworthiness: many men will always purchase any drug advertised online in an attempt to self-medicate. What many do not know is that most of the drugs advertised are counterfeits. However, you can trust the medication from Roman.
  • You deal with professionals: as one tries to self-medicate, they will consult whoever is selling the medicine, and they are never professionals. Therefore, it is always better to deal with the professionals.
  • It is not ‘embarrassing’: men find it to be a very embarrassing thing to suffer from erectile dysfunction and instead of talking about it, they suffer in silence. Talking to someone is never an option. But since here everything is done online, it has become straightforward. There is no one on one talk making the men feel protected to some extent.
    It is very convenient: This method is very suitable because everything is done in the comfort of your home or your office. Then you sit back and wait for the medication to be delivered.
    There are so many other benefits of Roman that men now enjoy.

With Roman, relationships have been restored, lives have been saved, and hearts have been mended. Now men no longer have to suffer in silence. They only need a computer and an internet connection.

Therapy through Text

Getting therapy is a healthy option whether you have depression or just need someone to talk to that is unbiased and trained in mental wellness.  Enter Talkspace, a premium texting service that connects you to a qualified therapist with the experience necessary to help you.  You can also seek marriage counseling through the app and include a spouse within your group texting.

Complete an Eye Exam…on Your Smartphone

Before Buying Online You’ll Need an Eye Exam (Perform One for FREE)

The only in-person action you need before buying any sort of prescription glasses (or contacts) is completing an eye exam, which is typically covered by insurance, but for many, optical insurance isn’t always a given.  Barring anything emergency related, which you should see an eye doctor for, you can very well perform an eye exam right from your smartphone.

One Example of this would be the company 1-800 Contacts.  They introduced a free eye exam using your phone!  Get prescription by visiting this link.  Just take and receive the prescription without having to deal with an office visit!

Online Glasses Shopping is Too Easy

We have observed my friends and family purchase eyeglasses at a mall or from a brick and mortar shop only to be surprised to see what they had to pay (or have insurance pay).  If fully covered by insurance, which is rare for vision, then purchases brick and mortar could still be an option.  But, if you are like the rest of us, ordering online cuts the cost by an average 60%-80%.  For one, these shops typically have to pay their employees, doctors, rent, etc.  Whereas an online store like Warby Parker can charge you for the prescription glasses and shipping directly to you.

Warby Parker, unlike other online shops, actually allows you to try on five pairs of frames before you order.  They ship you the ones you like, try them on, decide on which one(s) you like, send them back, and they’ll add your lenses.  Many times, the total price is around $100.

Buying glasses, like many other services, are starting to adapt their model to serve you digitally.  You could even do a few more glasses shopping hacks like:

  • Buying the Frames Online First (then getting prescriptions done in-store)
  • Buy multiple pairs of prescription glasses through a wholesale site like EyeBuyDirect

Need a Few Alternative Health Insurance Options?

Paying for insurance every month is a needed expense, although some choose to neglect or forgo these costs, having insurance is now required for many and could be a tax penalty if you don’t have it.  One company is aiming to provide affordable coverage to lower the burden of tax penalties, temporarily.  To those who are seeking temporary insurance could look into a group called Pivot Health.  There are many ways to pivot this business as it could drive health coverage gaps in both a non-covered person or persons or merely fill where your current health insurance doesn’t cover.

For more insurance options look into Policy Genius a database of health insurance providers that may fit your budget.

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