Save Big with these Health Apps

With growing Health Care costs all around the nation, it’s hard to budget expenses for health coverage.  Whether or not you have health insurance is a mindset, not just a financial position.  If you need health care, you can look to several apps.

Talk to a Doctor on your Phone

HealthTap, an online video to video call, allowing you to talk to a live doctor (or text) to find out your current illness.  Get prescribed right on the app and get the medicine you need to fix your ailments.   You do not need health insurance to use the app, and a bonus is that there are no waiting rooms and scheduling concerns.

Should you have no time to see a doctor, or would like to avoid more significant out of pocket costs, this service provides a great way to find out advice.  It’s entirely possible to be prescribed medicine through this service as well in case you were wondering.

Uninsured and Need Prescribed Medicine?

Buying prescriptions without an excellent health insurance plan could cost you thousands upon thousands of hard earned money per year.  But with Blink Health, a fantastic prescription ordering service online, you can send orders to your nearest capable pharmacy for a fraction of the cost!  

Need a few Alternative Health Insurance Options?

Paying for insurance every month is a needed expense, although some choose to neglect or forgo these costs, having insurance is now required for many and could be a tax penalty if you don’t have it.  One company is aiming to provide affordable coverage to lower the burden of tax penalties, temporarily.  To those who are seeking temporary insurance could look into a group called Pivot Health.  There are many ways to pivot this business as it could drive health coverage gaps in both a non-covered person or persons or merely fill where your current health insurance doesn’t cover.

pivot health benefits text

For more insurance options look into Policy Genius a database of health insurance providers that fit your budget.

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