Text with Your Doctor

The days of calling your primary care provider, scheduling an appointment, and sitting in two waiting rooms to visit your doctor are over.  Enter, HealthTap.  This app will connect you with doctors that are willing to provide consultations live on the phone via text or video.

600x300 HealthTap
For a little flat fee for a single consultation or a monthly charge for several consultations.  Either of these options will get you in front of a qualified doctor with the ability to diagnose your ailments.   Have a diagnosis that requires a prescription?  You’ll be able to attain one from a HealthTap provider and bring it to your local pharmacy.

Healthcare 3.0

We’ve seen a rise in Health Care related apps (see here), and they’ll continue to grow with the use of wifi and cellular data.  Here are some other apps that are relative to the Healthcare industry

See if any of these solutions fit your lifestyle to conserve a bundle of time and money!



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