Healthywage Review: Bet On Yourself to Lose Weight

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HealthyWage Review Bet On Losing Weight
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Win Money and Increase Fitness
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We don’t condone gambling or risking any money on things that are hard to win. Increasing your fitness level, and betting on yourself however, is something we think is neat. Still, is this new concept worth a try?
Boost Motivation

Fitness goals don’t start during New Year’s Day and depending on your life’s schedule; you can use technology to aid you in the process of losing weight.  With many devices including Fitbit or just your smartphone, there are dozens of ways to optimize your workout!  Including an app that will get you paid to lose weight!  First, here are a few smartphone fitness apps:

  • MapMyRun
  • Endomondo
  • Fitbit
  • Apple Watch

We’re about Haxin’

You probably didn’t come here for fitness advice!  The reveal here is that you can now you can get money setting weight loss goals using a service called Healthywage.  The overall premise is:

  1. Set a weight loss goal
  2. Enter your current stats
  3. Reach the goal
  4. Win your cash prize

Don’t Believe You Can Get Paid to Lose Weight?

There are real success stories from users of Healthywage.  You can join a team for a group goal, or you can set your weight loss challenge.

Healthywage Success Story
Place Your Bet and Be a Winner
Be a Team
Join a Team and Win a Pot of Cash!

The Question(s) You are Thinking of

The question we had and the question you are thinking is.

How the heck do they really know I’ve lost the weight?!

The answer:  the Healthywage service does have an app, and they’ll have someone monitor your weight loss and determine eligibility.  How they do this is through video and photo submittals when you weigh yourself on applicable scales.

Other basic answers to your Healthywage questions:

  • Taxable? Yes through W9
  • How do you get paid? PayPal or Check
  • How often to verify weight?  You can do a verified weigh-in at the beginning and end of your challenge
  • Can I get a refund?  Once you place your wager, it’s non-refundable

Interested in getting started now?  Join Healthywage and get rewarded for your Goals!

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