How Much Money Have You Spent on League of Legends?

If you are an avid League of Legends gamer, and there are plenty of those, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a good dollar on the game experience.  Spending money on gaming isn’t a new thing, in fact games have been known to have been increasing in overall revenue since the invention of data plans and Wi-Fi.

Want to know “How Much I Have Spent on League of Legends (LoL)?”

Head over to Riot Game’s Support System and send them a ticket, they’ll be able to answer your question with ease.

Ticket Submission Here

You can also enter your info on a Waster on LoL site here:

So What’s the Average Spent on League?

We’ve scanned Reddit for some answers here and there are answers all around.  We’ve seen people dropping thousands of British Pounds, Euros, and Dollars into the game.  But we’re not going to judge!  We think, based on the answers there that the average for an intermediate player of LoL is $350.

Comment Below and Let Us Know Your Amount!!

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