Coffee Hacks and Products that Blow Your Mind

Who Doesn’t Like Drinking Coffee?

If you are looking for a new way to drink your favorite morning booster (or night shift pick me up), Bulletproof Coffee has you covered.  These guys have popularized the idea of drinking coffee with butter.  Yes, butter, but not that kind you’re thinking of, but rather a different butter called Ghee.  Apparently, the Grass-fed Ghee or butter from Bulletproof coffee is a brain-altering phenomenon amongst coffee drinkers.

Butter in Your Coffee???

Drinking coffee with butter sound…odd?  Well, according to many people, it’s actually delicious and a decent alternative to creamer.  You can always try Bulletproof’s Coconut Oil along with the coffee to give it more “healthy benefits.”

You can utilize the Ghee in other places like cooking oil, baking and more.

adding butter to coffee

Sift through the grinds with this unique product

Coffee grinds are the result of whole coffee beans ground by a coffee grinder.  Sure, that seems simple enough, but there is one company that is looking to revolutionize the way you sift through your coffee grinds.

First, finding a coffee grinder is essential if you want high-quality coffee.  Sure you can buy prebought coffee grounds, without doing the labor, but in doing so, you may miss out on essential benefits.    One of the benefits off the bat is that you may notice the price difference.  Yes, Ground Coffee vs. Whole Bean coffee may end up being cheaper in favor of Whole Bean.  Again, you are doing the work!  But, that isn’t the only benefit.  Some coffee experts consider that the whole bean, personally grounded often has better flavor and is more efficient regarding caffeine.

So, if you are looking for a coffee grinder, Kohl's has some great options.  You should look to pay aaround$10-$30 depending on the durability of the product.


Once you have the grinder, you can look into the innovative sifting product, Kruve.  These guys have revolutionized the way your coffee grinds are organized from fine grounds to thicker.  Of course, as mentioned above the grinds can vary regarding benefits.  Depending on your coffee roaster (the machine that makes the coffee), you should be able to determine what size grinds fit for you!

Go with Multiple Cups and Not Single (Keurig)

If you drink a lot of coffee, maybe a Keurig isn’t of your best interest.  You should look into a larger more traditional coffee maker!  (Plus you’ll be helping the environment by not chucking out so many K-Cups)

if you are a parent you’ll need more than a cup of coffee

We aren’t sure why Keurigs tend to be more pricey than traditional larger cup makers but you’ll get more bang for your buck if you, for example, go for a Four Cup coffee maker like the popular Cuisinart 4 Cup one found at Target and Amazon.

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